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Vin Diesel Is 53 and Still Shifting Up

Vin Diesel
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Vin Diesel Updates: In any case, for the generally incredible creation of speed and passion, F9 tested its absurd limits before the Pontiac Fiero was launched into space.

Space is not the latest four-wheeled backyard, but another carport from the dynamic TV series “Fast”. One in ten (★★½ full score; PG13 rating; currently in theaters) is an incredible combination of “Angry Formula” with extensive car riots, extensive stories (told by flashbacks), and sensational dreams. Out of the box, new characters, old characters resurrected, and disrespect for all scientific standards.

If you live for Dominic Toretto Vin Diesel and his lucky tour group. It seems like the nirvana of life, it is really shocking to see it on the big screen. However, the experience of using steroids, laughing gas and Red Bull is not the best result.

Fast and Furious 20: Van Diesel corrects Paul Walker’s absurd lines

Under Justin Lin’s huge F9 series, Dom and his son Little Brian,) (Named after a long man) live offline together. The role of Paul Walker “fast”) and his wife Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) has given up the routine of saving the world. Old colleague Tiger (Chris “Ludacris” Bridges) and Roman (Tireus Gibson) and technology teacher Ramsey (Natalie Emmanuel) are the same, In the news, it was revealed that the plane was carrying the famous programmer Saifu (Charlize Theron, returning from “Raging Destiny”). Central America fell, they needed House’s help

The huge opposition fell on his “family” first, because he did not want to return to the game anyway, but reinvestigated when he was despised by his brother, including the rebellious super-agent Jacob (John Senna) split the global race to track a part of advanced equipment that could endanger the entire world, and the House team faces a triple threat from Jacob, Cypher, and the Eurotrash-seeking tyrant Otto (Thue Oersted Rasmussen

) “We can cheer up together”: Why did Van Diesel use “F9” to drive the crowd into the cinema? T-shirts, stupid magnets, allusions to “Star Wars”, Will Cardy B’s singing, and Tarzan-like cars rushing through the big hole. Lin has obtained some of the most amazing action clips in the past few Fast and F9 games. (Also, if you are watching what happened in this movie, you have to guess how you will beat him in Fast 10. Time travel or dinosaurs may be the only options.)

Vin Diesel F9 Interview

Vin Diesel

Another driving factor for the agency is Jacob’s expansion, compared with the core of many previous movies, “Diesel and Walker”, which has provided Dominier with unexpected love motivation. The younger brother is a good competitor and racer, just like Dom, but when he was a child Dom was a “smart kid” and Jacob was “useless”. …Their story and the misfortune that separated them unfolded in F9. The story started well but became monotonous.

On the other hand, “F9” is basically the subplot R Us. There have been many roles in past movies, the most important of which is the long-awaited return of the allegedly late Han Sengkang. The new “fast” kid has appeared in the block many times, playing the role of the female ninja Al (Anna Sawai Decorated). The truth of the film’s 145-minute running time is that Lin cut off the role’s ideal opportunity for a few minutes: Letty and House’s sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) had a heart-to-heart dialogue (ie, do they matter? ). “F9” completed Bechdel’s assessment), Roman thought in the most conscious discussion of Kuik’s story whether they were really invulnerable.

These movies are best when they combine the lively James Bond moments with their constant emphasis on family power and a partially masculine mentality. F9 tried to combine this format with drama and blockbuster packages to make the final fast and passionate movie, rather than leading the creation of a simple and beautiful movie.