Why Black Widow Box Office Numbers Are Disappointing For Marvel & Disney

Black Widow

Black Widow Updates: The Black Widow movie has finally been released after a year since its initial release and fans have gone wild. Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black Widow is one of the founding members of the Avengers and has captured all of our hearts by her mysterious backstory and personality which has now been portrayed in her own solo film.

The long-awaited movie has received quite some backlash from the fans because even though the story continues after the events of Captain America: Civil War when Natasha goes into hiding the timing of its release just doesn’t make sense to many.

The Civil War story leads as a perfect Segway towards the Avengers: Infinity Wars and Avengers: Endgame storylines which fall under Marvel’s Phase 3 while Black Widow falls under Phase 4 which is very confusing as the movie has no relation to any of the ongoing events.

Perhaps the character of Black Widow would have been even more deeply understood by the audience if it was released after Civil War itself giving more depth to Natasha’s death in Endgame. Regardless, the movie seemed to be a huge success during its first week breaking all box office records with estimated earnings of $220 million with $80.4 million being the inhouse earnings surpassing movies like Spiderman: Homecoming and Doctor Strange, two of the most awaited and hyped Marvel movies.

Black Widow: Box Office Collection

Black Widow

The movie even received the praise of several critics and audience members and with the way it was marketed, that was sure to happen. Sadly enough the second week’s earnings saw an extremely drastic drop with the revenue falling roughly 67% a shocker indeed. What was the reason though?

Considering that this movie was years in the making and had been marketed not only for Marvel fans but also for the average moviegoer out there it should have held on to that success, one reason is that even though theatres have opened the pandemic is still ongoing and people are a bit skeptical to be freely going to the theatres.

Marvel having forecasted that and released the movie on Disney+ premier access but the same happened with this service. If this continues to happen, it can cause some problems for Marvel.