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Britney Spears Hits The Road in LA After Unloading on Family in Scathing Online Posts

Britney Spears
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Britney Spears Updates: Britney Spears talks about an issue while performing with her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears. He spoke about this in a long Instagram post and expressed his desire to investigate his father.

Britney Spears expressed her grief by posting on Instagram

Britney Spears faced conservatism for 13 years. It leveled criticism at his sister Jamie Lynn. Jamie Lynn broke her silence and backed her sister after Britney Spears demanded an LA judge end the stereotype in June of this year.

Recently, Britney Spears posted a picture in an Instagram post with a long comment that read, “Take me as I am or eat s**t and step on Lego.” Criticizing her sister, she further wrote, I don’t like my sister appearing at an award show and singing my songs for the remix! My so-called support system has hurt me a lot.

Spears appeared to speak about one of Jamie’s performances at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards, where she glorified the Icon Award. Britney’s recently inserted Instagram salvo clarifies a post she revealed earlier in the day, about the people closest to her who feels she has failed her. And continue to fail.

A day after she posted it on Instagram, Jamie Lynn posted a selfie on her Instagram story saying, “Feeling solid and still beautiful on Saturday.” Putting another post, he wrote God is all around. While Lynn did not directly troll her older sister’s post, many have speculated that the post may have been a reaction to the controversy, noting the status of her controversy.

Britain also satirized his father Jamie

Britney Spears

Lynn’s been good or bad at her silence over the years about her sister’s conservatism. She first took to Instagram in late June to address Britney’s court proceedings and legal status, saying she has only loved and supported her sister and that she doesn’t stand to profit from her stereotypes is.

During a recent Instagram post, Britney also took a jibe at her father, Jamie, about her desire to retire from live performances.

She wrote of her father that “I will not be performing with my father on stage soon whatever I wear, say, do or think!” After repeated incidents and hospitalizations, Britney was first placed under guardianship, seen by her father Jamie back in 2008.

During her court hearing, Britney told Los Angeles Judge Brenda Penney to end her guardianship at the end of June. While his legal battle is still on, a turning point and verdict came in his favor recently, when he was allowed to appoint his lawyer.