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Britney Spears Responds to Critics of Topless Photo in Explicit Fashion on Instagram

Britney Spears

Britney Spears Updates: Britney Spears is once again utilizing her Instagram account to personally contact her followers. Spears posted a topless shot of her back with the caption “three ballet slippers” on July 7. While many admirers chimed on with remarks like “Free Britney” and the pun “Britney’s back,” some argued that the photo wasn’t of Spears at all.

“We know this isn’t you,” one person remarked, while another added, “Yall know this ain’t Britney, right?” The back in the shot was tattoo-free, but Spears has a floral fairy tattoo on her lower back and a Hebrew sign of healing on her neck. “Where are the tattoos?” inquired one commenter.

On Thursday, July 8, Spears decided to confront the critics in a new post. “Okay, so… I deleted out my neck tattoo because I wanted to see how it would look clean [three shrug emojis]… Oh sure, I prefer it, so while you’re whispering behind my back, go ahead and kiss my a— hater.”

Fans in her comments were still skeptical that the original photo was of Spears, and many saw her angry response as proof that Spears was no longer in charge of her account.

Spears recently took to Instagram to confront the paparazzi who had been following her during her trip to Maui following her shocking conservatorship testimony. “So being here in Maui is really insane now,” wrote Spears. “The paparazzi know where I am, and it’s not pleasant!!!!

What did Britney Spears say to Critics?

Britney Spears
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It’s difficult to get anywhere because these stupid faces keep coming up to take my photo… Not only do they snap my photo, but they also distort my physique and screw up the image, which is humiliating!!!!! I know my physique isn’t ideal, but I don’t look anything like how they depict me. It’s impolite and demeaning, so paps, please F—- YOU AND F—- OFF.”

Spears also turned to Instagram to clarify her present situation, confessing that the cheerful front she had put on for years on social media was a ruse. “I simply wanted to let you in on a little secret,” Spears said. “I feel that as humans, we all desire the fairy tale life, and by the way, I’ve posted… my life appears to be quite fantastic… That, I believe, is what we all aim towards!!!! That was one of my mother’s greatest characteristics…

When I was younger, no matter how s— a day was, mother always pretended that everything was fine for the benefit of me and my brothers.”

“I’m bringing this to people’s notice because I don’t want people to believe my life is flawless when it most certainly is not,” Spears added. “If you’ve read anything about me in the press this week, you plainly know it’s not true!!!” I apologize for acting as though I’ve been fine for the previous two years… I did it out of pride, and I was embarrassed to tell anyone what had occurred to me… But who doesn’t want to capture their Instagram in a fun light???

Whether you believe it or not, pretending that I’m fine has truly helped… So I chose to share this statement with you today because, by golly, if you’re going through hell… I feel like Instagram gave me a wonderful avenue to express my presence… existence… and just to feel like I mattered despite what I was going through, and it did… now I’ve chosen to start reading more fairy tales.”