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Catherine Zeta-Jones Gives Surprising Response When Asked About Her Insecurities in Public Eye

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones Updates: When Zeta-Jones was asked about her insecurities in the public eye in a recent interview, Catherine Zeta-Jones gives a surprising response that she has Insecurities Like Other Women.

Zeta-Jones gives a surprising reaction

In a new interview published over the weekend, Zeta-Jones admits she has insecurities just like every other woman. The Prodigal Son star, who celebrated the 20th anniversary of her marriage to Michael Douglas in November, shared with the Sydney Morning-Herald that they gave her the title of Most Beautiful Woman that came with pressure throughout her career.

Jones even said that her beauty made her dove into musical-comedy roles when she wanted to play Helena Bonham-Carter. As Zeta-Jones has pointed out, in my career, there’s always been a kind of aesthetically relatable aspect to it.

As a musical-comedy actress, it pigeonholed me for so many years. When she further told me I wanted to do something else. I had long wanted to play Helena Bonham Carter in the time’s theater. I thought and dreamed about it, but it never really got in my way. I think I was Welsh too! Zeta-Jones tried her hand at stage music when she became a movie star, before turning to plays like The Mask of Zorro and Traffic. But it was a sound comedy. It was Chicago which won her the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

Catherine Zeta-Jones found that her beauty came with pressure

Catherine Zeta-Jones
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Zeta-Jones says that I have sometimes found that my beauty came with pressure. Whenever I used to read the script and the character description was so charming and grandly attached, it always scared and distracted me a bit. She told the Morning-Herald. I would never consider myself a very great beauty. But my mother has always inspired me to be the best myself.

Zeta-Jones has had dramatic roles in recent projects. She played the role very well in Feud Bet and the Oscar winner in Joan of the Fu. Zeta-Jones, however, has gotten a little attention from films as she should have as she has never acted in an army film to be released in theaters since 2016.

Zeta-Jones also uses social media, as she often shares pictures on Instagram. But she feels sad for her family members and her future generation as they share pictures with social media filters.

If a woman uses a filter, there is no real representation of her. But I have never entered the world of this filter nor was I ever brought up. I am sure that if it had brought me into that world, it must have affected me so that I could not give my best.