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Last Of Us Remake: Every Major Game Released Between TLOU 1 & 2

Last Of Us Remake

Last Of Us Remake Updates: A fan of The Last of Us 2 game Mark Scicluna has taken efforts to tell the backstory of the game as a retro comic book version. The comic book contains the Characters of the game, including Abby and Mel. The Last of Us 2 game was subjected to many controversial debates even before its release.

However, when the game was released, it was a huge success and the game won many awards. The Last of Us game franchise also has a talented fanbase, who works endlessly to bring the characters of the game to life outside the game. Fanfiction, cosplays, and much more are released based on the game characters.

Although an official Last of Us comic exists, the retro comic book created by Mark Scicluna is what the fans dig for. The Last of Us 2 game didn’t have a smooth start. It was subjected to several issues both pre-and post-launch. Many players looked at an issue with LGBTQIA+ themes in the game and also with the trans-Gen character Lev.

Last Of Us Remake: Every Major Game Detail

Last Of Us Remake

Another hindrance that the game faced was – the plot was leaked well before the launch and players came to know about the death of some significant characters. This made some players turn around even before the launch of the game. However, the game overcame all the problems and it became a huge success for Naughty Dog. It currently holds fame for the most awarded game of all time.

It has been a year and over, yet the game didn’t lose its heat. Many fans are still showing their support in all forms possible. Mark Scicluna is one such fan who reimagined the backstory of playable characters in the game such as Abby and Mel.

The comic was captioned as “The other side of The Story”. The cover post showcases Abby and Mel about to face the Seraphites with guns posed ready for the battle.

The cover was designed by a former Rockstar Games artist, who is also known for similar work in Resident Evil, Crash Bandicoot, and Uncharted.

Scicluna’s work can be seen on his Web site, Instagram, and Twitter pages. But Scicluna’s incredible pieces won’t be released as a full comic. HBO is currently filming the Last of Us series with 10 episodes as a total and it is set to explore the story of the first game. The cast of the series includes Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. It is expected that the series will release in 2022.

There is also a rumor that Last of Us 1 is set to remake with TLOU2’s engine for PS5. But Naughty Dog didn’t confirm such claims yet. Until then the fans can stick to Siciluna’s TLOU comics.

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