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The Last Of Us 2 Updates: The Last of Us, created by Naughty Dog Classic, is one of the successful games in the industry. Recently, a player of the game has found an exact match of the window shown on the home screen of the game. The home screen window of the game somehow eerily matches with the players’ window.

The player posted the post on Reddit, showing how exactly the window matches with the window displayed on the screen. The home screen of the game displays a window with plants creeping into the property.

The Last of Us game is famous for its graphics and realism, but real-world coincidence like this is somewhat new and eerie. The game was first released in 2013 and it was an instant success. The developers supported the game by releasing DLC and remastered it for PS4.

Last year, the franchise was expanded with The Last of Us 2 and this game was also an instant success. Despite the success of the game, it underwent many controversial debates. The plot for the game was leaked before the release, and it revealed the death of a major character.

This had a big effect on the gaming experience of The Last of Us 2. A character like Abby caused some major controversy about the game and many players disliked that character. However, the inclusion of a Trans Character, Lev is a noteworthy point in the game.

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Reddit user leedavis1987 has recently shared a picture in which the home screen of the TLOU-1 game somehow matches with the players’ window. The post shows a display screen that has been loaded with The Last of Us 1 home-screen and it was aligned perfectly with the players’ window. This creates an optical illusion that blends the screen with the window.

Although the window panes in the game don’t match with the actual window, the whole frame is aligned perfectly with the window shown in the game. This strange coincidence has left the fans impressed and the post itself had received more than 26k upvotes.

Thankfully the player need not be worried about such a coincidence with The Last of Us 2, as the game starts with a boat floating on the dark waters. The game was a huge success and received even more controversies. Despite those controversies, the game proved its worth and won many awards in the history of video games.

Undoubtedly, The Last of Us 2 is the best Instalment for the franchise. The last of Us-1 is currently being adapted to the HBO Tv series that comprises 10 episodes. The series cast’s Game of Throne fame Pedro pascal as Joel, and Bella Ramsey as Ellie.

Currently, there are some rumors among the gaming community, suggesting that The last of Us-1 is set to remake for PS5. But Naughty Dog and Sony didn’t clarify such a claim yet. However, the game is two console-generation old, and fans are interested in the remake of the original TLOU. Rather, they wanted a new game from Naughty Dog. But if the game is remade for PS5, the player can get an even more phenomenal window picture with the improved next-gen graphics.

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