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Eminem with his newest hit joins the leader-board in the UK

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Eminem Updates: Ed Sheeran’s recently released track “Bad Habits” earned him first place in the Official Charts Company’s weekly ranking of the biggest songs in the UK. When the company refreshes the list in a few hours, the song is most likely to be in the highest place, as the track is too good to be wiped off so soon. With this recent ranking, Eminem has achieved the tenth Number 1 hit in his home country the UK.

Ed Sheeran is one of the nine artists in the UK to earn such fame. According to the Official Charts Company, Sheeran is truly legendary. There are only a handful of artists in the UK, who made big impressions on the Public. Ed Sheeran managing to achieve this milestone is truly phenomenal and mind-blowing.

Sheeran has achieved his name in the leaderboard for hitmakers, with his tenth No. 1 hits. Eminem and Calvin Harris are other stars with whom Sheeran has been tied up in the leaderboard.

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Among these three men, anyone could earn the fame of 11th hit, as all of them are in their peak-time. When considering Sheeran for the leading star in the UK, we cannot ignore other artists who managed to climb their way on the leaderboard. Elvis Presley has acquired 21 champions throughout the decade and The Beatles with 17 chart-topper comes in second place.

Boy Band Westlife and singer-songwriter Cliff Richard are tied up in 3rd place with 14 leaders. They are then followed by Madonna with 13 rulers.

While considering the solo musicians, Sheeran is tied up with Eminem and Calvin Harris for 4th place with 10 rulers. Sheeran has won a Grammy award and he is still at the height of his career. So, there is a possibility that Sheeran gets another Hit in his Home Country UK. With the new album coming soon, Sheeran may get another hit Before 2022.

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