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Red Dead Online: Blood Money reboots the Player’s interest in the game

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online launches a new update ‘Blood Money’ that provides new crime works for players to explore. The Blood Money update was released on July 13 and it was the most awaited update for the Red Dead Online game. Rockstar revealed the screenshot for the upcoming update on July 6 and later on, they released the trailer too. Undoubtedly, this update was the most awaited one, as the previous update for the game was released in December 2020, which is nearly 6 months ago.

The December update has introduced an expansion of the Bounty Hunter Role that added 10 extra Bounty Hunter levels. The notable features of the update include new Free Roam Bounty Missions and also added legendary bounty missions, additional weapon variants, and more skills to the game. The Rockstar released the standalone version of the Red Dead Online game at the start of December and the price tag for the game as of now is $20.

Red Dead Online: Blood Money went live on July 13. This update’s main concept is to locate and retrieve a valuable commodity named Capitale for Guido Martelli who is an underboss to Angelo Bronte.

Red Dead Online: Blood Money reboots the Player’s interest in the game

Red Dead Online

Players can retrieve the Capitale either solo or in posse. To get possession of the Valuable commodity, Martelli hires several contractors and he gives each a clue to start with. This unfolds new gameplay for the players, where they are tasked with tackling stagecoach holdups, and “multi-stage robberies”. The latter involves some brutal debt collections and kidnappings.

Capital can be acquired by ransacking the riches in the free-roam world. Sometimes some small quests are also made availed for the players to earn extra loot from vulnerable camps and Homesteads.

Once the player earns enough capital, new opportunities are unlocked in the form of schemes from Martelli that involves bringing down a Lemoyne Senator. The first opportunity was made available on July 13 and the other two more are released at an unspecified time.

The frustrated players of Red Dead Online are relieved from a long wait with the release of the Blood Money update. Only time will tell if the wait was worth it or not. Rockstar has been supporting the Red Dead Online game with numerous updates and challenges. The inception of Blood Money has been a total reboot of energy for the Red Dead Online players.

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