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Planes are coming in Payload mode: Hints from Warzone

Calll of Duty: Warzone

New leaks say that the Planes are coming in the Payload mode in the Call of Duty: Warzone. The shooter series was installed in March 2020, allowed up to 200 players in March for a war on a big map. The game became popular and it continues to release its newer versions.

Calll of Duty: Warzone

The game has its own fan base as the developers are keen on preparing newer levels for the players. New updates are available from time to time. This makes people more involved in it. Season 4 brought some new features like Jackal which is a playable operator and also crashed satellites to Verdansk.

The crashed satellites are actually made like that by Jackal who remains as a mystery man in the game. Many newer updates are on their way and it will reach out on the 15th of July.

Calll of Duty: Warzone

Recent news about updates:

Recent leaks say that planes will be coming to the warzone on the 15th of July. However, it is mentioned whether the Planes can be carried away by the players or it is just for the use of the computer. It is also said that the players will be able to fly with those.

As with all other games, Warzone will also have many hackers. It will get hacked and cheating codes will be released. This time, players are warned not to use such types of cheater codes.


This isn’t clickbait.

In a script file for Payload, the new 20v20 game mode coming with S4R, I found some interesting file names & script code.

There is PLANE spawns for both teams in-game, BUT it could also just be A.I. planes.🤔

The game will for sure have its update on the date. Whether planes will be there or not will be revealed soon. The developers and the whole team behind the game are working so hard so as to make the game so interesting. It gets updated every now and then for a beautiful experience by the players.

Let us wait for the next update of the game. The fans of the game will surely be ready and so excited to take off in the Planes released by the team. A big cheers for the hard-working team behind the game for its success and hope it makes the game still more worthy and popular.

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