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FF16 Voice Acting Is Nearly Finished & Scenarios Are “Set In Stone”


FF16 Updates: We expect that the development of Final Fantasy 16 is progressing well, as the English voice acting is almost finished and it has completed other elements.

The too-long wait between full releases

Naoki has reported that the much-anticipated RPG Final Fantasy 16 is nearing completion, as the voice work is almost over and most of the game is “set in stone”.

Final Fantasy 16 has been a title that fans have been eagerly waiting for for some time now and thankfully, it doesn’t look like there will be an endless wait between its initial release and its full release, which is expected in 2022. Is. Yoshida has already revealed that Final Fantasy 16 TGS will not take place in 2021, something that may disappoint fans after no shows at E3 in June.

Outside of the Game Awards in December, there’s little opportunity for the game to be shown, so Square Enix may withhold the game from another show until 2022, or host an event of its own, as in This is the one Final Fantasy XV did in the lead up in 2016.

They further state that the main scenario of FF16 has been completely written and development is progressing well but fans should expect a long wait before the game re-appears since they will release it after leaving E3. Might as well miss the Tokyo Game Show this September.


That said, the game is free from all kinds of trouble as Final Fantasy 16 has completed almost all the English voice work for the game and all the scenarios are “set in stone”, Twitter user aitaikimochi’s I have stated that it is. Whether it’s likely enough for an early 2022 release remains to be seen, but it’s certainly going well.

Yoshida has stated that she doesn’t want to show Final Fantasy 16 until close to release, but the exact window of release remains unclear.

The FF16 may release in 2022

There is little or no chance that fans will see the game soon, as reported by Yoshida. As of now, there are no signs of the game releasing in 2021, as Yoshida has said that people don’t like to be surrounded by little information.

Sony recently changed the store page for Final Fantasy 16 to reflect that the game is “coming soon”, which could mean news about a proper release date is on the way, but There’s no way to tell until Square Enix is ​​ready to launch.

Talking about this in more depth. Either way, it looks like Final Fantasy 16 is shaping up to be well and will probably hit its 2022 release window.

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