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Bully 2 Speculation Grows Following Latest GTA 6 Leaks

Bully 2

Bully 2 Updates: Rockstar Games recently conveyed Bully back in 2006, yet notwithstanding the fact that no news really came out about a side project, a couple of fans have for a long while been hopefully in the belief that the specialists will add another part to the already amazing series.

Despite the fact that it has been quite a while since Bully’s remarkable conveyance, there have been a couple of gossipy goodies about a continuation, including as of late when incredibly perceptive players planned that Rockstar Games had revived its Bully image name on different occasions in April 2021.

Unfortunately for fans notwithstanding, there has never been any power information conveyed about Bully 2. In any case, while the total of the Bully speculation has been moving forward as a torpid burner in the background for more than 10 years now, stories and openings including another of Rockstar Games’ IPs have been showing up at singing levels.

Grand Theft Auto 6 has been potentially the most anticipated game on various players’ arrangements of things to get for what feels like in every case now. In any case, comparable likewise with Bully 2, the designers have remained unfathomably calm on any headway being made on GTA 5’s substitution.

All About Bully 2 Speculation

Bully 2

Industry insider Tom Henderson conveyed a video in June communicating that they had come into some new information including GTA 6 and that they acknowledge that the game’s dispatch has been pushed back to consider better laborer government help (which, if it is the circumstance, this is an excellent move from Rockstar).

In any case, while this news is bewildering for the people who were expecting that GTA 6 ought to convey inside a few years, it has begun a new assumption in those fans of Bully.

So much so that, according to Dexerto, Bully 2 began continuing ahead of Twitter, driving various to expect that a side project had truly been accounted for.

However, while Bully 2 has, ironically, not been revealed by Rockstar Games, this new Twitter design has restored the theory that a continuation is again being created and it is exciting news for fans all over the world.