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Pokémon GO Android Players Get Free Items & YouTube Premium

Pokémon GO
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Pokémon GO Updates: The Pokemon Go Fest is sponsored by Google. It gives Android users many rewards like youtube premium. There is no official announcement or words about the iOS users.

The Fest is an event conducted annually every year as a celebration for the game. The first event was conducted in 2017 and it was not trending much. It remained almost unspoken. The next year it was spread all over the world and it was a hit. This year is going to be so very special marking the 25th anniversary and it is going to get hit with a beautiful musical theme.

To make it a lot more special, Google offers android users many perks and rewards that include a YouTube premium for three months. Adding to the point, the gamers also get extra points as rewards in the Fest. The Youtube event Try Guys also include the readiness for the fest and the instructions to be followed before it. In addition to the perks, the game will also give a pack of happiness as a gift. The pack includes 30 Ultra Balls, a Super Incubator, and an Incense.

Pokémon GO Fest 2021

Pokémon GO

Although, all these gifts will only be given on the first day of the fest. The perks also have their own limitations. While giving three months of premium for YouTube, this is not for the people who have already have it and ask to redeem it. It is just for the new users who are about to start the youtube premium offer.

Still, no announcement is given regarding the perks to the iOS users as this is an exclusive fest for Android users. Google and Apple remain as red and blue Pokemon having their own rivals. Maybe the game might have some announcement later but it is not sure for now.

The Perks is a good chance for all the gamers to avail the offer. The Try games YouTube channel also inside is promoting the event, though it is already popular among the gamers.

Perks and gifts remain at the corner, the game will have a new fest this year. It will be grant success for the people working behind the game. After all the perks and premium features, the gamers and other people will surely have a wonderful time at the fest. It is going to be a masterpiece and get ready for the most waiting day, It The Pokemon Fest.