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How Much Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Gil Are Worth In Real Money

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Updates: Themes in the FF7 Remake revolve around inequity: SHINRA has everything, but the majority of Midgar residents have nothing. What effect does this have on Gil? After all, the main character is a mercenary, thus money is crucial in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The monetary unit in the Final Fantasy series is called Gil, however, while it is always there, its relative worth changes. For example, in the FF7 remake, a potion that cost 30 Gil in the original game now costs 50 Gil.

The gil’s true worth is difficult to ascertain because of the series’ constant inflation. So, how does Gil connect to real-world money in the Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Even inside the Final Fantasy VII Remake universe, the exact worth of Gil is unclear. Cloud agrees to work as a mercenary for Avalanche for 2000 Gil, while a “Luxury Course” hand massage, a Phoenix Down, and a melody each cost 3000 Gil, 300 Gil, and 50 Gil, respectively.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Worth

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The cheapest commodity in the game is Cleansing Materia, which costs 300 Gil, while the most costly is Time Materia, which costs 5000 Gil. The relative cheapness of such crucial things as Phoenix Down and even the most expensive items, at first look, appears to be a good thing. In a real-world setting, the fundamentals are difficult to believe.

Even Cloud’s mercenary rate appears to be rather generous. Surely, risking your life is more valuable than a “luxury” massage? Cloud, on the other hand, is doing a favor for a childhood friend, and then he must gain the confidence of a new town, all while wearing the eyes of an ex-SOLDIER.

This struggle, along with the terrible conditions in which most Midgar people live, demonstrates that money is extremely difficult to come by. Unless they work for SHINRA, in which case the majority are from the lower middle class, the bulk of people live in slums and poverty.

Unless you engage in the industry of servicing the wealthy, Midgar is a location where cheap costs appear expensive and competent employees are underpaid. With this in mind, the monetary and social worth Gil is intertwined.

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