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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Will Part 2 Have a Place for Mr. Dolphin?

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake: The most bizarre scene of the Final Fantasy franchise is the cloud being lifted by dolphins to reach a high girder ranks Final Fantasy VII is well-known for its storylines, also having a fair share of silly moments. Final Fantasy VII Remake offers SquarenEnix to revisit and rewrite. In the second part of the remake, Junon where Mr. Dolphin lives should stay or go.

Mr. Dolphin’s Debut in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Part 2 Have a Place for Mr. Dolphin

It is all about the protagonist of the story, Cloud, and his party arriving at Junon. The fishing town is suffocated by the metal eyesore of the Shinra Electric Power Company’s new city is built above it. The town beneath has real complaints against the company as their waters polluted and sunlight blocked. Priscilla, who is a teenage girl from Junon is attacked by a seas master while playing with her dolphin friend who is trained, Mr. Dolphin. By performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, Cloud saves the girl’s life and the player party slays the monster. As Cloud saves her life, she offers her a whistle to direct Mr. Dolphin and reach Shinra. It is tricking to imagine the recreation with realistic graphics in a more grounded reinterpretation.

The Remake Treatment

The first part of the Remake described Square Enix’s skill at reimagining elements. The original game’s Wall Market sequence was totally for fun and laughs which played Cloud’s cross-dressing. Rather than cutting the part, its target was shifted. This chapter is a transformation of positive celebration of gender fluidity and diversity. Mr. Dolphin need not to be cut from the Remark’s second part. There is a storyline for a young girl and her dolphin. The dominant Shinra organization is man’s disrespect for nature, as it sucks the planet dry in the need of electricity. The character is not just appeared at all. Nonetheless, there is no need to cut the character of Mr. Dolphin totally. Players have to wait for part two to see actually if will emerge or not.

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