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Guild Wars 2 Brings Back An Iconic Boss Seven Years Later

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Updates: The Twisted Marionette, one of the game’s finest bosses, made a reappearance in Guild Wars 2’s latest teaser, over seven years after it initially debuted.

Twisted Marionette, the legendary Twisted Marionette world monster from Guild Wars 2, is making a comeback to the game seven years after its original appearance in 2014.

Twisted Marionette’s comeback was revealed in a brand new video, which startled fans of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The clip also hinted at a future update that would feature the Legendary Armory, which is likely to satisfy many Guild Wars 2 enthusiasts.

ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 was released in 2012, however, it has been kept alive by numerous big post-launch additions. Guild Wars 2 is now a free-to-play title in which players may build, design, and level their own character from a selection of five races and eight professions in order to engage in small-scale, tactical warfare as well as larger-scale conflict.

Set in the high-fantasy realm of Tyria, had substantial post-launch upgrades, including the introduction of the “Living Word,” which introduced an ongoing tale for players to follow across future expansions. In each season of material, The Living World offered completely new settings and characters, such as the Twisted Marionette in Living World Season 1.

The Living World was followed by two major expansions, “Heart of Thorns” and “Path of Fire,” as well as further Living World features. “End of Dragons,” a potential expansion, was scheduled for 2020.

Guild Wars 2 Trailer

Guild Wars 2
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The latest Guild Wars 2 video features the return of one of the adversaries initially featured in the Living World’s early days. The teaser depicts the boss’s return as she reigns over the Eye of the North, looking as frightening as ever but with minor changes to bring it up to current design standards.

The trailer finishes with the phrase “the super twisted weapon returns,” urging players to go out with their friends and guildmates to gain new accomplishments.

Although it is not stated in the trailer, the Twisted Marionette will be included in the update that includes the Legendary Armory, a quality-of-life upgrade that allows players to access their Legendary equipment across all characters on their account.

This will provide players a new way to store, sort, and use their rarest and most powerful items. The Legendary Armory will also improve Legendary gear integration in the Equipment Templates interface and eliminate Legendary gear transformation fees.

While the Legendary Armory will be a welcome addition to Guild Wars 2, the return of the Twisted Marionette has definitely grabbed the spotlight. Players are already ecstatic about the return of this old-school boss and debating their best encounters from previous seasons. Loyal admirers will hopefully continue to be rewarded with more blasts from the past.

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