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James Gunn Corrects Typo on Suicide Squad 2 Ratcatcher Merchandise

Suicide Squad 2

Suicide Squad 2 Updates: Suicide Squad director James Gunn publicly corrected misspelled merchandise related to Daniela Melchior’s Ratcatcher 2.

What was the whole matter?

When Suicide Squad director James Gunn publicly corrected misspelled merchandise related to Daniela Melchior’s Ratcatcher 2. Then a fan posted a photo of a trading card included in a box of Splat hair dye and questioned whether “Clio Cazzo” was the character’s real name. Gunn corrects the spelling of “Cleo Kazo”.

In the comments, another fan expresses confirmation as to the Thinker’s real name, Gaius Grieves, which Gun approved of. Another user asked where Cleo Cazzo was from, to which director Gunn quickly replied “Portugal.” Gunn was also known as “the fastest fact-checking director in the Western Hemisphere” for his quick answers. Which people like a lot.

One of the new characters coming to Task Force X is Melchior’s Ratcatcher II, who controls rats, along with fellow villains, such as Bloodsport (Idris Elba), Peacemaker (John Cena), and King Shark. Sylvester Stallone), he will take part in the mission to kick-off ‘Project Starfish’ on the fictional island of Corto Maltese.

As the film’s August 6 release date draws closer, the hype is naturally gaining momentum with a new trailer detailing Bloodsports’ backstory and The Suicide. There are rolling figures of merchandise squad characters like Funko Pop. Gunn has now put a little emphasis on a new piece of merchandise for his DC film, though still not for the right reasons.

Suicide Squad 2: Ratcatcher II is named Cleo, not Clio

Suicide Squad 2

There have been far worse business accidents over the years than this understandable and small error named Cleo. Of course, the name of the ratcatcher was a mystery to many, and they had little difficulty understanding it. Because Gunn saw the character as the gender for the film, as in the comics, the Ratcatcher was named Otis Flanagan.

Despite the error, those who didn’t know his name will be excited to learn more about Ratcatcher II. It looks like Melchior’s character will play a big part in the film, with the trailer showing him showing off his close relationship with Elba’s bloodsport and the fact that Guns viewers are most excited to see that character.

While it appears that the rat-friendly villain will have a more prominent role in the film, the tagline of Suicide Squad doesn’t engage much. Several times, Gunn has reiterated that few characters will make it to the end credits. For those who have seen it, the film has already been praised.

David Dustmalchian called it a “brave and crazy film”, while Kinnaman labeled it as Gunn’s best film. Fan excitement for Suicide Squad is growing with every trailer, comment, and merchandise, and now they even know that Ratcatcher II is named Cleo, not Clio.