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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Stardew Valley Features Need Expanding

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Updates: When Animal Crossing’s new pumpkin farming function was released, many gamers were ecstatic, but nothing has been done with it since then.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the series’ most recent installment, has introduced numerous new gameplay aspects to the franchise. Farming, which was introduced during the game’s fall update and enabled players to cultivate their own pumpkins to use in DIY recipes, was one of the more intriguing features. However, the function has received little attention within the game since then, which feels like a missed opportunity.

The fact that Stardew Valley and other farming sims have grown in popularity in recent years contributed significantly to the enthusiasm around Animal Crossing’s farming concept.

Both New Horizons and Stardew Valley are typically regarded as peaceful, violence-free games with similar aims – befriending locals and living with the land are two main points of emphasis in both titles. Similar excitement greeted the announcement of the Sims 4’s latest farming-themed expansion pack, Cottage Living, earlier this summer.

The new gameplay was particularly welcomed because New Horizons had previously been chastised for a lack of interesting features. Some long-time Animal Crossing players believe it is devoid of furniture, special characters, and recognizable locales.

Although the game has had many big upgrades to enhance this, the majority of New Horizons’ events take the form of annual recurring holidays that seldom provide significant new material to users. Farming was a big innovation that broke the norm, and many people have been disappointed to see it neglected since then.

How Animal Crossing: New Horizons Could Make Better Use of Farming

Animal Crossing

Some have suggested that an Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC pack might offer new crops and equipment to the game, allowing players to make the most of their garden settings. Different crops might allow for a greater range of recipes, as well as a new way to make money.

Cooking may potentially be added to the game, with players using their harvests to prepare dishes or villages. This would possibly allow for the addition of something akin to a cookery book for players to fill out, providing extra material for those gamers who want to finish every checklist in the game.

An earlier this year found Animal Crossing leak said that New Horizons’ islands will be improved with more room on the southern coast. If this leak is correct and island expansions are unavoidable, additional space for farms might be made available, allowing the farming mechanism to take center stage.

However, given the game’s lack of attention at this year’s, gamers are still waiting for information on the game’s status and any forthcoming updates.

Although it has been stated that new material would be added to New Horizons in the near future, it is still unknown when or what that content will be. As it stands, many fans are hoping that it would imply a fresh focus on the agricultural system in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.