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The Next Animal Crossing Game Should Return To The City

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Updates: We expect the next Animal Crossing game to bring players to the old setting and one candidate is the urban areas of City Folk. Where it’s explained how it works so let’s see if the next Animal Crossing game should be back in town?

The Animal Crossing series has taken players to a wide range of different new locations, from tropical islands in New Horizons to more urban areas in City Folk. Where can the series progress and what new settings are likely to come when it is released in the future?

Inside the Animal Crossing City Public Prison, the city itself makes up about half of the game’s map, despite the city’s shops and other central amenities. The player and rural dwellings, along with some recurring buildings from the series, are in a small town, while the city plaza is accessible only by bus. Including the city allows for new characters such as Kix and Labelle to be added to the game, many of whom have returned in recent Animal Crossing games. There were also new shops to visit, and villagers not living in the player’s city could be seen roaming the plaza.

In contrast, New Horizons has often been criticized for its lack of return to buildings and characters. Although Nintendo has reported that more New Horizons content is in progress, many fans have felt that the game has been steadily declining since its release, especially since there was no mention of it during Nintendo’s E3 presentation. We paid no attention.

What will the city look like in the next Animal Crossing game?

Animal Crossing

A recent addition that may come to the fore is apartments, which may take up less space on the map than the series’ standard homes, but will also allow more villagers to live in the city. While New Horizons only allowed ten villagers to live on an island, a number that seems too low to some, especially longtime Animal Crossing fans who are about to have more of their favorite characters as neighbors. Are more concerned.

I was thinking. It can also free up additional space for customization or terraforming, which was one of the more popular features introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

This will allow for easy recall of highly sought-after, classic animal crossing areas such as Brewster’s Roast, Dr. Shrinks Marquee, and Rasetti Surveillance Center. Many NPCs associated with these shops have yet to be added to New Horizons, despite repeated requests by players.

Returning to the City allows a new game to balance new and returning features, iterating on fan-favorite elements of the series and expanding into new territory in significant ways. If the franchise is looking to take players back to old places, the city could prove to be a splendid setting to revisit the games.