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Pokémon GO Players Petition To Keep Shorter Gym & PokéStop Distances

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO Updates: Due to the recently announced updates to Pokémon GO, a petition by to maintain safe conversations at the Gym and PokéStop is gaining steam.

Pokemon GO players got recent news that PokeStop and Gym interaction distance would soon be increasing. Out of all the changes that were proposed, players are focused on this rollback more than anything else.

Pokemon Go Niantic After the announcement of criticism

The popular AR game Pokémon GO became the subject of some criticism after Niantic’s announcement that the added game could redesign some of its mid-pandemic gameplay modifiers. Specifically, thousands of fans are gathering in an attempt to maintain the distance of their gym interaction. COVID-19-era threshold of interest to maintain safe health standards.

The most popular augmented reality mobile game made several changes to the main gameplay mechanics last year due to lockdowns around the world. One of the most important of these changes is to increase the engagement threshold for real-world Gyms and PokéStops.

The change was made with the intent of scattering players and reducing potential infection rates. With the lifting of lockdown bans, Niantic has revealed that it will replace these features with designs to promote more social engagement. This is another one in a line recently Pokémon GO updates.

Pokémon GO: What happened in the petition?

Pokémon GO

On June 23, publishing the play Dexter reported news of a widespread petition on to maintain broader interaction thresholds at the Gym and PokéStop. The petition claims that the additional distance is “one of the most versatile [Niantic] that was done, making the game safer and more accessible for everyone“.

This movement proved even more popular, with the petition gathering more than 60,000 signatures in just two days. The goal was 75,000 signatures, so the promoters of its revision could see that their wishes have been fulfilled.

Critics do not understand why players should be forced to be close to each other. Under such controversy, Pokemon GO is very few other exploration bonuses, which is probably since the argument behind them is clear.

Pokemon Go users with any useful benefits or benefits in the game. By snatching the ability to play Pokemon Go in a new way, Niantic has created a situation, which is almost guaranteed to disturb the fans, which still feel uncomfortable in someone else’s house. While companies like Soni can not always listen to petitions, the small scale of this request of fans can only change the mind of Niantic.