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Last of Us Part 2 Player Finds Secret Linking Abby to Jackson

Last of Us Part 2

Last of Us Part 2 Updates: A fan using Photo Mode discovered a reference to Abby and Manny on a list of people in Jackson while exploring earlier parts of The Last of Us Part II. Neil Druckmann, the sequel’s creative director, and Halley Gross, the sequel’s narrative lead, have spoken openly about how the sequel altered and shifted throughout production.

Joel used to have a girlfriend, according to Druckmann, who confirmed this in an interview. In terms of breadth, another early iteration of the project envisioned a more open-world vibe.

The finale, which will not be revealed here, went through several seasons of modification throughout production. One of the more intriguing ideas offered by Druckmann and Gross was that Abby was supposed to infiltrate Jackson as a pleasant face, becoming acquainted with the busy city in order to take her retribution.

While exploring Jackson as Ellie in TLoU Part II, YouTuber Caitlin discovered an amazing Easter egg. NPCs talk about a snowplows schedule in one part of town. Caitlin may zoom in and closely study the schedule on a clipboard after approaching the tiny group of background characters and using Photo Mode. Dozens of names fill the lengthy “Assignments” list, but only two truly stand out – Abby and her friend Manny.

Last of Us Part 2 Secret Revealed

Last of Us Part 2

While some fans may assume this is proof of a mishap in which assets from a prior build were unintentionally left behind, Caitlin offered another option in the video description.

Instead, the list of names is a rehashed list found in the FOB of the Washington Liberation Front (Forward Operating Base). Nonetheless, this appears to be a curious coincidence.

The Last of Us Part II’s first anniversary was recently honored by Naughty Dog and Sony. In doing so, the businesses revealed new franchise goods, the majority of which may be preordered through the PlayStation Gear Store.

New t-shirts, mugs, purses, and a high-quality Ellie figurine from Gaming Heads are among the goods. Fans will have to preorder the 14-inch Abby figurine from Dark Horse through Dark Horse Direct. On July 30, pre-orders for the Abby figure will be closed.

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