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MCU Theory: Doctor Strange 2 & WandaVision’s Real Villain (Not Mephisto)

Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange 2 Updates: For the longest time, Mephisto has been thought to be the villain in Doctor Strange 2 but theories might suggest that it might actually be Chthon, a villain deeply tied to the origins of the Scarlet Witch in the comics.

Many have theorized that Mephisto is the actual villain behind the events in WandaVision and might appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Among these speculations, another theory has arisen that the actual villain might be Chthon, a character with deep ties to the Scarlet Witch.

In the Marvel series WandaVision, in the end, it turns out that Scarlet Witch herself is the problem as she constructed the fake world of Westview with her reality-warping abilities and also controlled the town’s residents and turned them to her will.

Unable to control her immense powers, she leaves Westview and isolates herself, while learning to control her powers. An actual villain wasn’t revealed in the show but Scarlet Witch’s story is to continue in Doctor Strange 2 so we might expect to know more on the subject of her powers and if there was more to the creation of Westview.

Since it is believed that the events of WandaVision will directly lead to Doctor Strange 2, both Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange will fight their common enemy. The identity of the villain has been speculated on. It is commonly believed that Mephisto is the villain but a fresh theory suggests that it might actually be Chthon.

Doctor Strange 2: Who is the Villain?

Doctor Strange 2

In the Marvel comics, Mephisto is a powerful demon who resides in hell. He is known for making deals with notable heroes and villains for his own gain. In the comic books, he was heavily involved in the story that saw Scarlet Witch magically create two children.

In WandaVision, Wanda is seen creating two children, though we do not know how that came to be. Judging by the story in the comics, Mephisto might have been involved in it and therefore, Westview might not all have been Scarlet Witch’s doing. Marvel has dropped teases on this subject.

First of all, in the trailer of Loki, a painting of a devil is spotted- who resembles Mephisto. The second is Agnes’ comment to Wanda in WandaVision episode 2. In a response to Dottie’s “the devil is in the details” line, Agnes responded, “that’s not the only place he is”. The reference might have a hidden meaning. It is very plausible that Mephisto might emerge as the actual villain.

Even though Mephisto seems likely to be the villain, another theory suggests that the actual villain in Chthon. Chthon is an incredibly powerful demonic entity who has deep connections to Scarlet Witch. Chthon has been imprisoned for thousands of years within a place called Mount Wundagore, the same place where Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were born.

In the comics, it is revealed that Chthon imbued Scarlet Witch with some of her powers, therefore, creating a connection between them. The connection is broken when she joins the Avengers. The events of WandaVision might actually turn out to be Chthon’s doing as he tries to possess Wanda and use her as a weapon.

Whoever the villain turns out to be, we know that Doctor Strange will join his powers with Scarlet Witch to defeat them in the upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.