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Lupin: Part 2 FINALLY Reveals What Happened to Assane’s Father

Lupin Part 2

Lupin Part 2 Updates: After the death of his father, Babakar, Assane Diop is driven by vengeance in Netflix’s Lupin. They escaped Senegal for a better life as exiles in France, only for his father’s employer, Hubert Pellegrini, to betray them.

The Lupin series is watched by many people. Let’s see what happened with that of Assane’s father.

WARNING!! Spoilers ahead.

Babakar was imprisoned after stealing expensive jewelry from the employer, and the butler committed suicide in prison. Assane, on the other hand, obtained his father’s Lupin book and discovered hidden codes inside it.

The “Gentleman Burglar” has been obsessed with taking down the Pellegrini empire, but he’s been leaving breadcrumbs for Guedira and the French police to pursue.

He knows his father would not have committed suicide, and he wants to discover who orchestrated the tragedy. Hubert’s now-divorced wife, Anne, admits she had Babakar sign the confession because she cared for him and thought it would be accepted.

The “Gentleman Burglar” has been obsessed with overturning the Pellegrini empire, but he’s left a trail for Guedira and the French police to follow.

Lupin Part 2 Certainty:

Lupin Part 2

He is certain that his father would not have committed suicide, and he is determined to find out who was behind the tragedy. Anne, Hubert’s now-divorced wife, says that she had Babakar sign the confession because she cared about him and felt it would be beneficial to him.

Assane continues to be lacking clues, only for the riddle to be completed in the conclusion when he keeps Hubert captive and Guedira discovers the assassin, Leonard.

At the end of Part 1, the hitman abducted Assane’s son, Raoul, but Hubert betrays Leonard this season for not murdering Assane. He assassinates Leonard at the master thief’s apartment, thereby framing Assane, but Guedira is aware that Leonard has a grudge against Assane.

Assane recalls meeting him as an adolescent when he went to see his father, Leonard flashing him a sardonic smile. Because Leonard crept into Babakar’s cell, beat him up, and murdered him, this predicted a fatal move. In Part 1, he hinted this with Fab, the reporter who collaborated with Assane to bring Hubert down. Leonard came into her home and murdered her in the same manner, assuring Huber that he was still alive.

The complete picture is now emerging, due to Guedira’s efforts and Assane’s extortion of information from Hubert at knifepoint. Hubert says that he needed Babakar to leave so that the trail would go cold since he didn’t want to be linked to the confession. It offers Assane closure, but it also intensifies his vendetta, since he now wants to slash Hubert’s neck rather than imprison him.

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