iOS 15 New Features: Features that only work on these new iPhones

iOS 15 New Features

 iOS 15 New Features: Some new features in iOS 15 will only be reserved for new iPhones. Our overview will tell you which devices are affected and what to expect.
Apple presented a number of new features for iPhones at WWDC. These should land on the devices together with iOS 15. However, it has now become known (via 9to5Mac ) that some features are only reserved for certain smartphones. The particularly complex functions have to be taken over by the A12 Bionic chip, which is slumbering in newer iPhones.

For customers, this means that only iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, SE (2nd generation) as well as iPhone 12 and 12 Pro get the innovations. The two latest devices are even given additional functions that the other devices with the A12 chip also have to do without.

 iOS 15 New Features: These features are only available for new iPhones

iOS 15 New Features details

“Spatial Audio” during FaceTime: Spatial Audio should allow more spatiality when listening. The new software solution will also be used on FaceTime
Disguise the background during FaceTime :
Live text in photos: As soon as you take a picture of text, it becomes interactive and can be copied, pasted, and searched for on the web
Interactive globe in Maps & immersive navigation: The globe in Apple Maps is even more detailed. In addition, you have the option of using augmented reality to display the route on foot on your smartphone in the area.
Visual search: If a painting, a sight, or something similar is found in the photo, you can mark it and find out additional information about it
Animated backgrounds of the weather app: Apple promises over 1,000 new backgrounds with movements
Keep your key with you: save digital access to your house, hotel room, or car directly on your smartphone
Speech processing on the device: Normally, speech is processed on input and output on Apple’s servers. In the future, you can decide whether the whole thing should take place on a smartphone with the same quality

These features are only available on iPhone 12 with iOS 15

Panorama images: Thanks to improved software, the images on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will in the future have less image noise and distortion
More possibilities with 5G: iCloud, audio streams and Apple News + should benefit from the new speed of 5G in the future
Priority for 5G: iPhone 12 and Pro will prioritize 5G networks in the future if the actual WiFi connection causes problems or is unsecured

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