FIFA 21 Memorializes Deceased Player Kiyan Prince

FIFA 21 Updates: A promising football prodigy at his time, deceased Kiyan Prince is being honored by FIFA 21 as they introduce him in-game through a roster update. FIFA has been a global name for a long time now, being one of the best-selling franchises of all time.

The brand has sold over 320 million copies through its 29 games. Moreover, it outdoes itself each time as FIFA 21 sold 1.5 million copies in the first month, crossing FIFA 20.

But the franchise has also constantly found itself in controversies. Back in March, publisher EA Sports had to start an investigation into the Ultimate Team feature, as one of the employees was found selling rare player cards illegally.

Also, the brand was slow to respond to cases of racism. When Arsenal legend Ian Wright was racially abused by a FIFA 21 player, the franchise was criticized for their indolence.

FIFA 21: Who Was Kiyan Prince?


Kiyan Prince was a rising prodigy and a striker for the Queens Park Rangers under-16 developmental team. The young player was murdered when only 15 while trying to stop a bullying incident.

Since his death, QPR renamed their stadium “Kiyan Prince Foundation” after the foundation his father began in his name. Now 15 years later, FIFA 21 is paying homage to the deceased Kiyan as they add him in-game by a roster update.

Making Kiyan’s appearance was a work of composition of him when 15 years old and his father when he was 30. Also, the player’s ratings and game style were determined with the help of his coaches and friends back then.

Although Kiyan will never be able to witness this, FIFA’s initiative is a strong one. It would be emotional and wholesome for friends and family to see Kiyan in FIFA avatar. The player might not have reached his potentials due to a sad incident, but the world will surely recognize him in good means.

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