Money Heist Season 5 Images Tease A Violent Battle With Spanish Military

Money Heist Season 5 Updates: New photos from Netflix’s Money Heist, also known as La Casa del Papel, have been revealed, hinting at a deadly finale in the show’s final episodes. The series, which began as a two-part limited series on Spanish cable television, has now grown to become one of Netflix’s most popular foreign titles.

Season 5 of Money Robbery will see the end of the Professor (Alvaro Morte) and his ragtag band of crooks as they seek to pull off their second and most daring heist yet. Money Heist is more than a conventional criminal drama in that it blurs the lines between who is good and who is bad.

The group of thieves known by their city names began as strangers but gradually became into a family, especially after the successful theft of the Royal Mint of Spain in the first two seasons.

The main character, Silen Oliveira/Tokyo (Ursula Corberó), is joined by Anibal/Ro (Miguel Herrán), Daniel/Denver (Jaime Lorente), Mónica/Stockholm (Esther Acebo), Mirko/Helsinki (Darko Peri), and Arturo/Stockholm (Esther Acebo) (Enrique Arce). Season 4 concluded on a cliffhanger when the group rescued Raquel/Lisbon (Itziar Ituno), a police investigator turned criminal, from imprisonment.

Money Heist Season 5 Images Revealed


Three new photographs were unveiled on Day 2 of Netflix’s Geeked Week live (15:30ish in the video) that provide fans a peek of what to anticipate in season 5, including who may be the important adversary.

In one shot, Spanish military guards are seen preparing to fire on the Bank of Spain. In the second image below, José Manuel Seda, a newbie to the series, plays the lead soldier. His identity is unknown, but if he’s outside with the military, he’s the crew’s new adversary.

Ro is shown in other images standing with an assault weapon, ready to exact vengeance on anybody who has mistreated him. A third still shows three bank robbers defending themselves with a bazooka behind a bunker.

Even if the Professor’s plan succeeds, the photographs serve as a warning to viewers that the stakes are high and that not everyone will make it out alive. And keep in mind that the offenders’ names are no longer a secret to the general public, as they have become superstars in their own right across Spain. A fast getaway to a desolate island with all of the world’s money isn’t an option.

Money Heist has proven its potential to engage viewers with high-intensity storylines and to make them feel a strong connection to some very evil criminal masterminds over the course of the first four seasons. And the show’s M.O. is a mystery and unresolved question.

Netflix has a significant duty to provide viewers with a satisfactory final season while maintaining the sense of mystery that makes the program so compelling. And, based on the debut teaser, Season 5 of Money Heist appears to be committed to finishing what Season 4 began in 2017. 

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