Money Heist Season 5: Why Nairobi Died In Season 4?

Money Heist Season 5 Updates: The death of Nairobi is Money Heist Season 4 really changed everything for the gang and Professor going into Season 5. Nairobi who has been a member of the bank robbing gang since the first season was brutally killed in one of the most shocking moments of the Netflix Original.

Audiences are still not in terms with the killing of such a strong character. She was captured, tortured and then shot point blank by Gandía, chief of security for the Bank of Spain.

This moment sparked a bloodlust in the eyes of all the other gang members who are set to declare war against their enemies. The anger and wrath in their eyes visible in the teaser of Money Heist Season 5 which Netflix released recently.

The heist which started purely for money for the gang has now become a personal fight. The death of Nairobi has enraged them to take things in their own hands. However, the makers had a very interesting take on Nairobi’s death, saying that it was important for Season 5.

Why Did Nairobi Die Before Money Heist Season 5?


Nairobi, played by Alba Flores, was one of the favorite characters on the show. She was an expert in counterfeiting and forgery. The witty bank robber had the job of printing money at the Royal Mint of Spain and then melting the gold at the Bank of Spain.

In a virtual visit to the sets of Money Heist, got to talk about how Nairobi’s death changes things in the upcoming season. Jesús Colmenar, Director and Executive Producer commented that,

Nairobi was the peace-keeper in all previous confrontations who kept the balance. She deeply trusted the Professor, played by Alvaro Morte. The makers Money Heist felt that the character of Nairobi would have had a hard time fitting into the dynamics of the 5th season.

Nairobi’s strong emotional backstory made her a very strong character on the show. She lost her son to a foster home due to problems with drug peddling and had even planned of going for a second child later on.

The entire gang gave Nairobi a much needed tribute at the end of season 4 according to Jesús Colmenar. He also concluded that ,”her legacy is going to inspire the other characters, for sure,”.

Money Heist will be released in two parts with the first one coming on Netflix on September 3. The final part is set to be released on December 3.

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