Fallout 4: Weirdest Vault-Tec Experiments

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Updates: Vaults in the Fallout series often serve as a social or scientific experiment for Vault-Tec to observe, and Fallout 4 does feature several examples of those.

There are many areas to be discovered in Fallout 4, players though however come in contact with several of the vaults – many of which have hidden purpose outside of the primary use of keeping residents safe from radiation.

The manufacturer of these vaults Vault-Tec also laid experiments along with the vaults which can be found in Fallout 4.

Initially, the vaults served the purpose of providing shelter in the event of a nuclear war. However Vault-Tec the company responsible for making these vaults also had additional goals in mind when they constructed them. They served social or scientific experiments.

But it is also known that many of the vaults failed because of the dreaded testing the dweller was put through, their history and background can be found in the game, and moreover, some of them are still functioning.

Fallout 4 Experiments

Fallout 4

The Fallout 4 only features a small handful of vaults, but each of them has a unique back story. The game even begins in a Vault, a similar trait to that of the previous entries of the game such as Fallout 3.

By uncovering the vaults, the players can discover the disturbing and absurd experiments conducted by Vault-Tec across the Fallout series.

Vault 75 is found underneath the Middle School in Fallout 4. It was initially a safe place for school children to take cover in the event of nuclear war, and when the time came to make use of the vault, families entered them are were separated from each other and executed.

The true purpose of the vault was to genetically enhance children who had entered the vault, eventually harvesting their genes to grow strong and intelligent enough to survive the mental and physical test they were put through.

Vault 81 was another example that did concern the safety of residents, the vault 81 can be found east of Forest Grove Marsh. Unlike any other vaults in the game, vault 81 is active when the player encounters it.

The goal of the vault was to create a single universal cure for every possible disease, and the resident were the test subjects for that matter. During their time inside the vault, they were subjected to numerous diseases along with their cure. Fortunately for the resident, the first vault overseer managed to prevent this outcome.

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