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Back 4 Blood Will Reveal Left 4 Dead Versus-Style Multiplayer Soon

Back 4 Blood
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Back 4 Blood Updates: Back 4 Blood has already announced its Left 4 Dead-style PVP gameplay which is expected to be released at the Summer Game Fest.

Considered as the spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood has gained a lot of anticipation since its reveal in 2020. The zombie co-op shooter is set to be released very soon and gameplay reveals like this churn the fans even more.

The game was first introduced at Game Awards 2020 and is developed by Turtle Back Studios. The game is not a sequel to its successor, Left 4 Dead as it has plenty of differences.

While the quick pace gameplay will continue, Back 4 Blood boasts much better graphics and a new version of its AI Director. The game will also have a card system that both the player and director can use to influence the game and characters.

Back 4 Blood Versus

Back 4 Blood

A deleted post from the Summer Game Fest Twitter account indicated that the PvP gameplay release for Back 4 Blood is scheduled at 2:oopm PT on June 13, 2021. Considering the game’s arcade play, character class, and improved AI systems it can be imagined that the multiplayer version will be similar to Left 4 Dead.

Speaking of Left 4 Dead’s PvP version, it allowed players to take control of survivors in a zombie hit environment. They need to survive and avoid the normal zombies as well as the special zombies controlled by enemy players.

The reveal is going to tell us about all the gameplay modes to expect in Back 4 Blood. But it is the same to assume that Turtle Back Studios will keep its focus on replayability. With the card system mentioned before and a number of different characters with different abilities to choose from, the developers will want players to keep fighting PvP again and again.

Post-launch content and cosmetic-only microtransactions have already been confirmed for the game. It will be interesting to see the game bring its successor’s amazing gameplay into the modern age.

Back 4 Blood certainly looks well to thrive post-launch with its add-ons as it already has a big fanbase. But despite all the similarities, Turtle Back Studios have maintained that the game will be very different from Left 4 Dead and unique in its way.

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