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Pokémon GO Trainer Sets World Record For Highest Catch XP Ever


Pokémon GO Updates: Strategic planning and a little bit of luck allowed Pokémon GO players to set a world record for the most XP captured at a time. The AR mobile game released by Niantic in 2016 ushered in its fifth anniversary this year. It is praised for combining classic Pokémon gameplay with real-world exploration and practice.

Despite its five-year history, still has many regular events that interest players. The Discovery Season will return in 2021 with a series of exciting new content.

From June 1st, three legendary Regi Pokémon returned: Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. These powerful Pokémon can be found in the fierce five-star raid before June 17. Then the new raid began in the mysterious unknown Pokémon.

The Discovery season will also include the 2021 Fest, as the annual celebration will return on July 17. The music event will commemorate the fifth anniversary of the game with shiny new Pokémon, raids, and other themed features.

Pokémon GO Highest Catch XP


A report from “Gamerant” showed that the player sets a new world record for the most XP obtained in a single capture. Reddit user AirbenderSteven photographed a fairy-shaped Pokémon Swirlix and added 8 all its XP categories while improving the 7-day streak and the first capture of the day. The result was a shot that won an impressive 73,760 XP for AirbenderSteven.

With the Discovery Season and Fest 2021 starting one month later, players can look forward to various activities in June, in addition to the raid featuring the legendary Pokémon Regi and the upcoming mysterious new legendary game in June.

On June 17th, many activities in the form of “Spotlight Hours” and “Community Day” will be held throughout the month. These short-term activities focus on specific Pokémon, which become more accessible and provide additional rewards when captured. The focus will be on Psychic Pokémon Abra, which will be released on June 8th at 6 pm.

Five years after the release, players are still struggling to improve their Pokémon training performance by manipulating experience gains and maximizing profits.

AirbenderSteven’s 73,760 XP capture was excellent, setting a world record and enhancing the player’s ability to capture them all.