Apple Watch Series 6: How To Change A Watch Face?

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 Updates: One of the great advantages of the Apple Watch is the ability to personalize the experience, including changing the Watch Series 6 dial on special occasions. On Apple Watch, changing the watch face is one of the simplest changes.

Watch Series 6 is Apple’s latest smartwatch. The smartwatches released at the end of 2020 appeared alongside the much cheaper but weaker Watch Series SE. Added health-related functions, as well as color and design options.

To change the watch face on Watch Series 6, all the user has to do is to slide from one edge of the watch face to the other. It doesn’t matter whether the user spends that much time on the left or right.

Because it is an edge-to-edge movement. With each swipe, Apple Wearable will cycle through the various available watch faces, allowing the user to stop only when they reach the desired watch face. During the period, it will be applied automatically.

It is worth noting that the sliding mechanism runs on the dials that already exist in the user’s Watch Series 6 series, rather than all dials available for smartwatches.

For example, instead of swiping left and right, users can touch and hold the watch face to view faces not in their favorites. Then just select the one you want and click on it to set it as the current watch face.

Or, to add one to your existing watch collection, press and hold the current watch face, swipe left to the last screen, and click the new (+) button. Then use the digital crown to navigate to the watch face and click on it to add the watch face to the collection.

Apple Watch Series 6: More About Watch Faces & Customization

Apple Watch Series 6

In addition, Apple also provides the ability to further customize the appearance and functions of the standard dial with complex functions, such as: Change the items on the dial to indicate other content, such as the weather.

At this time, it will be completely dependent on the dial, because it is related to the function of the dial. People who exercise- or health-conscious are more likely to experience more exercise- and health-related complications than others.

Check which functions are available for a particular watch face by briefly pressing and holding the watch face. Then press “Change” and slide your finger to the final screen, where you will see the complications available.

To change any complication, tap the desired complication. It has been replaced. Rotate the digital crown to select a new crown and push the crown in to save it.

In general, Apple can not only easily change the watch face, but also easily customize it as a whole. Apple Watch users can quickly choose from a variety of watch faces in their collection, or spend more time browsing more inventory. After choosing, they can further customize the Apple Watch Series 6 dial by changing complex functions.

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