AirPods Vs. Pixel Buds A-Series: Apple & Google Earbuds Compared

Apple AirPods Vs. Google Pixel Buds Updates: With Google launching the Pixel Buds A-Series with a waitlist, it joins the race with Apple’s AirPods to be the most demanding wireless earbud out in the market.

The AirPods have drawn the attention of and satisfied a sufficient number of iPhone users. On the other hand Pixel Buds A-Series, will be out in the market at an impressively low price. Now choosing one from these too can be pretty difficult.

The success ladder of the earbuds of these two big tech companies Apple and Google has been quite different. Apple debuted the Airpods in September of 2016. With some initial retaliation, it gradually increased popularity in the market.

The AirPods family expanded over the years by bringing in AirPods Pro, AirPods Max Now speaking of Google’s Pixel Buds. It hasn’t yet reached that recognition in the market. Its first gen was launched back in 2017, however went down like a lead balloon.

The Pixel Buds 2 released later in 2020 was surely a good comeback. But the market price of $179 wasn’t pleasing for everyone, the company has arrived with Pixel Buds A-Series. A much more affordable variant of the product available for just $99. Definitely less than the $159 price of Apple’s AirPods.

Apple AirPods Vs. Google Pixel Buds: So Which Is Better Between The Two


Even keeping the huge difference in price between the two, Pixel Buds has managed to come up with enough differences to compete with and prove better than the other promising earbuds by Apple.

Firstly talking about the design. Airpods have their “Universal fit” design that promises to comfortably fit in a person’s ears. However, the lack of any in-ear seal has resulted in unimpressive experiences among certain users.

In comparison to that, Pixel Buds A-Series is surely a better option. Google says ” it ensures a gentle, but secure fit while spatial vents prevent that plugged ear feeling”.

It comes with customizable gel ear tips and built-in wings to make the fit as per the user’s comfort. Thus resulting in a better in-ear fit. Pixel Buds offers sound much better than AirPods. It has an Adaptive Sound function where the volume of the earphones responds based on your surroundings.

Else, Pixel Buds A-Series and AirPods are quite much similar. Both provide up to 5 hours of continuous listening time, up to 24 hours of standby life, and their respective voice assistants Google Assistant and Siri can be accessed.




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