DOOM Eternal Looks Gorgeous In Nvidia RTX Showcase

DOOM Eternal Updates: Nvidia ETX showcased unleashed footage of DOOM Eternal which was captured with a GeForce RTX 3080 Ti in 4K. And as expects, the results are impressive.

The show at Computex 2021 was stolen by Nvidia, who unleashed the footage of DOOM Eternal running on GeForce RTX 3080 Ti their latest technology, which also features ray tracing. Nvidia’s annual keynote came to light after the leaks of their new graphic cards.

Apart from detailing the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and Ge Force RTX 3070 Ti GPU, Nvidia’s Senior VP Jeff Fishes and Head of Enterprise Computing Manuvir Das showcased more new TRX titles, including likes of Icarus, Red Dead Redemption 2, Dying: 1983, DOOM Eternal and Rainbow Sic Siege.

Each of the above-mentioned titles will have a full advantage of the latest technology has to offer. And it seems DOOM Eternal fans may be kept anxious further on what exactly Nvidia has to offer for id Software’s wildly successful shooter.

DOOM Eternal Looks Gorgeous


The three-minute-long footage of DOOM Eternal running on GeForce 3080 Ti was premiered which highlighted enabling of ray tracing with it. The video was quite evident on what are the major changes that could shape the title. The shooter’s reflection was very much pronounced with ray tracing activated.

Vibrant colors like the red glow of lasers and the bright blue of the enemy shields sparked at every turn. The feel of the gameplay the movements, the graphics everything appeared smooth, that too given the quick pace at which Doom slayer travels in the environment.

It would be an understatement that id Software performed well and outdid itself. DOOM Eternal appears as if it represents the perfect vehicle to showcase its new advancements in ray-tracing capabilities.

Other titles such as Icarus and Rainbow Six: Siege also was recognized as the showstopper in their own right. The crew at the id released the recent DOOM adventure in spring of 2020, taking players on yet another thrilling ride through the horrors of hell. Since then there have been new updates and DLC story expansion to keep the fans glued to the game. Not only that, there are plans to release more content in near future.

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