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DOOM Eternal Broken PS5 Upgrade Frustrates Players

DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal Updates: DOOM Eternal upgrade for PS5 and Xbox series had been released and many players are complaining of not able to upgrade the game – or even play.

This recent update will fix the game’s bugs and improves the graphic. But PS5 players are disappointed with the update as they can’t able to upgrade the game or even worse, they can’t play the game.

DOOM Eternal was released in 2020 as a sequel for the previous game in the franchise, DOOM reboot that was published by Bethesda. The gameplay follows a Protagonist named Slayer who returns to Earth only to find that Earth was overtaken by a demonic invasion.

The main purpose of the game is to battle a way through these forces and save humanity from destruction. DOOM Eternals features a multiplayer mode, which was not a part of the previous game. The game has already received two DLC expansions. But according to the Microsoft and Bethesda announcement in the showcase, there is more to come.

DOOM Eternal new Update Locks the player out of the Game:

DOOM Eternal

This update was released at the same time for Xbox and PS5. Unlike Xbox users, PS5 players are facing the issue in the recent upgrade. Once the update was downloaded, the PlayStation 5 still lists that the PS5 game is at full price.

A lock symbol has also appeared next to the launch icon for the game. This forces the PS5 players to stay on PS4 to play the game, which is very annoying as well as frustrating. Bethesda posted a tweet on Twitter that they are looking into this issue and trying to fix it.

Once this issue is resolved, the player has to start the game from scratch, which makes the matter even worse for the players. The PlayStation Users’ progress cannot be carried over to the new system. Unlike DOOM Eternals, other next-Gen console games like Marvel’s Avengers allow the players to transfer their progress to PS5 from PS4 via the cloud. But this not the case for Xbox series X/S upgrades.

This issue in the PS5 upgrade is not good for the game. DOOM Eternals has been very successful since its release in 2020. And Bethesda won’t let this affect the future of the game. As they are aware of this issue, let us hope that they will soon resolve this issue.

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