Demon Slayer Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

'Demon Slayer' Season 2 Release Date

Demon Slayer Season 2 Updates: Adapted from a Japanese manga with the same name which was written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge the show was first aired on April 6,2019.

The show, Demon Slayer has been able to slay the people with it’s amazing storyline and animation. The manga was serialized in Shueisha’s shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump with it’s chapters collected in 23 tankobon volumes.

The anime has only the first season released until now with 26 episodes while the people have been waiting for the second season to be released. The franchise has recently released a movie and it’s said that the second season will continue the story from where the movie left.

The popular show has only one season until now with a total of 26 episodes in it. The second season of the show is still under process as it already got delayed by many months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the producers are quite enthusiastic about the release of the second season and are trying their best to release the season as soon as possible. With the recent movie breaking many records, the second season of the show is also expected to carry on the fame and popularity and is also expected to get positive responses from the audience.

Demon Slayer Season 2: Latest Details

'Demon Slayer' Season 2 Plot

The story of the show basically revolves around a teenager named Tanjiro who was living happily with his parents and a small sister named Nezuko.

But, soon his life was turned topsy-turvy as he lost his parents to human eating demons and even his small sister was possessed by them.

He trembled with the fear of losing his sister as well after losing his parents. So, he immediately decided to fight these evil beings alone while trying to save his sister alongside.

There hasn’t been any updates regarding the release of the second season of the show yet. The viewers have been waiting for it’s release ever since the first season was finished.

Although there isn’t any news from any source about the second season but it’s most likely to come up in the mid or end of 2021. The show has been very popular all over the globe with people going crazy for the show.

In fact, the recent movie from the franchise broke many records and even went on to become the first animated movie to earn a huge profit.