Castlevania Season 5: Trevor FINALLY Gets His Secret Weapon

Castlevania Season 5 Updates: Trevor Belmont goes on a journey save Transylvania from darkness and he gains a legendary weapon straight from the games.


Generations of the Belmont family relied on the Vampire Killer whip to face the forces of darkness when Dracula rises. The vampire hunter Trevor Belmont gets a secret weapon as he embark on a journey that helps him turn the tide of battle. The weapon is Combat cross.

As they are putting an end to forces trying to resurrect Dracula, Trevor and Sypha Belnades infiltrate the sewers under the Transylvanian city of Targoviste.

They find a horde of treasure collected by the locals as they sheltered from monsters., Trevor unearths the Combat Cross  in the loot, designed by a Norwegian vampire hunter and crafted for him when he went against the undead in India. It has a deadly accuracy and the Combat Cross becomes Trevor’s main weapon, along with his whip.

The Combat Cross has been in the Castlevania franchise since the original 1986 video game as one of the most powerful subweapons. The weapon is similar to boomerang, with upgrades allowing players to throw up to three Combat Crosses simultaneously.

The video game franchise’s was rebooted by 2010’s Castlevania: Lords of Shadow which would rebrand the Vampire Killer whip as the Combat Cross.

The Combat Crosses was a design of weapons master Rinaldo Gandolfi and were ancient weapons wielded by the Brotherhood of Light elites including Gabriel Belmont. After Gabriel transformed into Dracula, his Combat Cross was passed down through generations of his family and upgraded.

The Castlevania animated series depict the Combat Cross in its classic form and also giving its historical backstory. Trevor also provides a explanation of why vampires are vulnerable to the crucifix in non-Christian societies due to the geometric shape affects their enhanced vision from their vampiric physiology.

Combat Cross gives Trevor the advantage that he needs to win over evil that’s been subtly pulling the strings all along, making himself more skillful than ever as he blends his combat style.

Castlevania Season 5: star cast is a s follows:

Richard Armitage – Trevor Belmont

Alejandra Reynoso – Sypha Belnades

James Callis – Alucard

Theo James – Hector

Adetokumboh M’Cormack – Isaac

Jaime Murray – Carmilla

Jessica Brown Findlay – Lenore

Bill Nighy – St. Germain

Malcolm McDowell – Varney

Marsha Thomason – Greta

All four seasons are available on Netflix.

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