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How Much Is Apple’s AirTag & Is It Worth Buying?


Apple’s AirTag Updates: Apple gave everyone a surprise by releasing its AirTag. There are some really advanced features in this gadget. AirTag uses three different communication technologies along with Apple’s special Find My Network.

Though it all looks fancy and sounds impressive, the actual quality and accuracy of these features will only come to light after we compare it’s results with the other competitors in the market.

Bluetooth beacon market has existed for many years. There are a lot of brands in here and the competition is as fierce as it gets. But Apple has its own unique ways.

They don’t hurry and enter a market to take a share, they first build their technology, watch if other similar technologies are doing well or not, and then they enter the market. But it’s Apple. Even if they enter the market late, they still have the ability to grab a big amount of share in the market.

In 2013, Apple developed a location tracking protocol called as iBeacon, which was meant to work the opposite of consumer trackers. iBeacon hardware was placed in retail stores to identify when an Android or an iPhone is nearby in order to send notifications to shoppers. Interesting, right? Well iBeacon is still present and is used in some major retail stores.

What is an AirTag?


Airtag is a consumer-oriented device. It retails at $29, which is still decently priced in terms of Apple’s products, and if you buy four together, the cost of each drops to $25.

This is actually well priced, given the fact that Apple has used some advanced technology in these trackers. AirTags use Bluetooth and Near-Field Communication technology, and adds Ultra Wideband Capability (UWB) as well. UWB helps in directional guidance.

Is it a Good Enough Purchase?

The AirTag are priced well, and so the only other thing to bother about is the compatibility. Due to the fact that there are many advanced technologies being used in the AirTag, not every device will support it, especially Android phones.

While the recently launched iPads and iPhones do support the new features implemented in this gadget, older models like the iPhone SE and the older iPads, they don’t seem to be supporting them well enough.

Though Apple still has an advantage over other rivals, with the fact that it has the largest network when searching for an item outside of the Bluetooth range.

I would tell you to go for the AirTags, as they have quite advanced technology and are well-priced. Though if you have devices that do not support them well, you can look for alternatives.

Are you going for the Airtags? Do let us know in the comments.

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