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The Kominsky Method Final Season Trailer: R.I.P., Alan Arkin’s Norman.

The Kominsky Method Trailer

On Thursday, a new trailer was released that have to make a big expose that Norman has, in fact, died. At the starting of the trailer, they begin at his funeral, as Robby speaks some words about his beloved grandfather.

In September Arkin announced that he is just backing himself from The Kominsky Method. Everybody was shocked and one of the rep from the show told us that an 87-year-old man decided to leave the series has made some time ago.

After Norman has died,  now Sandy (Micheal Douglas) is been seen in an aging look without his long-time friend by his side. Official logline said the main reason for Norman’s death was complicating matters. And now Sandy is the new executor of the Newlander estate.

The Kominsky Method Final Season Trailer

The Kominsky Method Trailer

Kominsky has also included a couple of Oscar-winning guest stars to its roster: Morgan Freeman along with Barry Levinson in the absence of Arkin. Further, the trailer shows Sandy and Freeman mid-spat in Sandy’s acting class, meanwhile Levinson gives Sandy a life-changing opportunity.

On the home front, Sandy’s ex-wife Roz has arrived and now he is dealing with her. Their “famously volatile relationship is further inflamed” Sandy’s ex-wife Roz came to Los Angeles to spend quality time with their daughter Mindy and her boyfriend Martin, who have to make a decision to get married.

Emily Osment, Lisa Edelstein, and Graham Rogers are some additional returning guests.

Netflix series, The Kominsky Method’s six-episode sendoff premieres on Friday, May 28

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