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How To Transfer An AirTag To Another iPhone User


AirTag Updates: Apple’s AirTag is a super easy way to keep track of your stuff. Especially, when you have a lot of important things to keep track on. These little location beacons are available at a discount in pack of fours, but what if you don’t need all four to yourself?

Apple doesn’t allow users to simply share an Airtag, but it’s possible to permanently transfer them. You can sell, gift or just transfer those to another iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This is possible even after activation, provided the device has different Apple ID.

How it works?

Apple uses it’s large Find My network to keep track of the AirTag when it’s out of Bluetooth and range of paired iPhone. With almost a billion iPhones worldwide and almost 10 million Tiles apps installed, Find My network is larger than any competitors’. Also, Apple recently opened up to other device manufacturers and Chipolo’s One Spot will likely be the first third-party tracker to come to market with that integration.

But as for now, AirTags are the only way to log into Find My with a small portable tracker.

How To Transfer An AirTag?


Considering Apple’s extreme focus on user privacy, it’s hard to reset and transfer an AirTag. But the company has thought a lot cases and scenarios before rolling out the location beacons. Though sharing isn’t easy, it can be done by removing the AirTag from the Find My list for the user.

Once removed, the AirTag will automatically reset if the paired device is in range. If not so, resetting can be done manually too. All you need to do is first remove the AirTag battery and press and hold till you hear a sound. Repeat this four times. Now place the cover over the battery, pressing and holding it till the sound is heard for a sixth time. Finally rotate the cover to secure the AirTag in place. The resetting is done!

It must be noted that third party products on Find My have different resetting methods. But the basic should start with removing it from Find My list. It must be noted resetting is not possible without removing the product from the list. This ensures that some other person cannot steal your AirTag and reset it.

Apple’s process might be hard, but it ensures user privacy and safety above all.

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