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Ryan Reynolds’ latest outing to leave you in happy tears

Ryan Reynold's Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds’ latest comedy outing, Free Guy, is set to release this year. With the actor saying that nothing has engaged his like this movie did since Deadpool, the movie has gained much traction.

Free Guy: What is the movie about?

Free Guy is a sci-fi comedy is directed by Shawn Levy (The Famous Jett Jackson, Beyond Stranger Things) and written Matt Lieberman and Zak Penn. It follows a bank teller, Guy, as he discovers that he is a non-player character within an open-world video game called Free City. Things quickly take a turn for him as he discovers that the game is soon going offline. Thanks to the game’s creators, a glitch occurs in the game, causing Guy to gain self-awareness and wanting to become the hero. With a race against time, it is hilarious to see how Guy tries to take charge of his life.

Ryan Reynold’s Free Guy: When is the movie releasing?

Ryan Reynold's Free Guy

Initially set to release last year in July, the filming had to be postponed due to the Covid 19 pandemic and consequent government regulations. After being delayed for release first for December 2020 and then for May 2021, the film is now finally set to release this year on the 13th of August.

Where to stream Ryan Reynold’s Free Guy?

Currently, Free Guy is set for only a theatrical release. Earlier this year there were rumors about how the film might see a premiere on Netflix as well, however, they were all a hoax. 20th Century Studios (earlier 20th Century Fox), where the movie is being produced, seem uncompromising about a theater-only release. However, with the production house now under Disney, it seems highly likely that the movie might come to Disney+ at a later date.

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