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Netflix’s Emily in Paris Season 2 Shares Promising Update

Emily in Paris Season 2 Release Date

Emily in Paris Season 2 Updates: “Emily in Paris” is a comedy drama television released that was released on Netflix on October 2, 2020. The show was received positively world wide. The series is made by the “Sex and the City” creator Darren Star who has currently revealed that he has been working on the upcoming season of his latest show.

The storyline follows a girl  Emily, played by Lily Collins, who is sent to Paris for work and is given the task to bring an American point of view to the French marketing firm.

The entire season deals with Emily struggling through her work, cultural clash, friendships and her very tangled live life. Season 1 of the ends unexpectedly for Emily who is rendered confused by the situation that she has put herself in.

Netflix shared a fun teaser as an update of the upcoming season. On May 6th, in a very deliberate promo shot, Emily’s boss in France, Sylvie Grateau played by Philippine Leroy Beaulieu, announced through a memo that the production house starting the shooting of the second season of “Emily In Paris” in Paris and St Tropez.

Emily in Paris Season 2 Latest Updates

Emily in Paris Season 2 Cast

The memo per se said that, a new season was approved on May 3rd 2021; and in keeping with the events, Savoir, the company where Emily works, looks forward to working with Emily and her novel interests and tastes.

Last year, Darren Star had also said something about what to look for in season 2 in mentioning that  it would be more about Emily getting along with the French high society.

He said that something to look forward is also how different Emily’s ideas are and how they are often tested before putting in practise. And the most obvious fun thing would be Emily’s love life that she is juggling between love and friendship.

In the interview he also mentioned how he is excited himself to see how relationships between American and French people would evolve.

Whatever it may throw at our way, we are going to embrace it with love.
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