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Emily in Paris Season 2 Explained, And Things You Must Know

Emily in Paris Season 2

Emily in Paris Season 2 Updates: The Netflix rom-com’s season premieres. Emily in Paris finds Lily Collins’ gorgeously dressed titular American marketing professional still in Paris — and still guilt-ridden by last season’s events, which saw her commit the cardinal sin of sleeping with her friend’s ex shortly after they’d broken up.

She’s also still employed at Savoir, a French marketing business, where she’s making strides in winning over her coworkers and drawing new clients with her brilliant social media-driven campaigns.

Everything eventually collides, and Emily must determine whether her emotional and professional lives are still salvageable, much like a cracked Ladurée macaron.

Collins, creator Darren Star, and others from the cast handed Rotten Tomatoes a few wisecracks to help us get ready for the next season.

Let’s Have A Look At Emily in Paris Season 2

1. Cheers To A New Love Interest

Emily in Paris Season 2

Emily found herself in a tangled love triangle last season when she discovered the chef she’d been smitten with (Lucas Bravo’s Gabriel) was also the boyfriend of her new friend Cami (Camille Razat). When Emily assumed Gabriel was leaving town and that he and Cami had broken up at the end of last season, they resumed their affair. It turns out he’s staying, which makes Emily’s life a little more complicated.

Fortunately, she has someone to distract her: Lucien Laviscount’s British banker, Alfie. He’s in Paris on business, just like Emily, and his trip is coming to an end.

Collins told Rotten Tomatoes, “Alfie provides a sense of escapism, and a welcome challenge to Emily at times.” “If anything, she’s doing new things and meeting new people since she went to Paris.” Alfie is a fascinating character for Emma to get to know, and Lucien does a fantastic job with him. And he gives Emily the sense of dueling that I believe she requires. He gives Emily a spark at a time when she was feeling quite conflicted.”

2. The Cami Challenge

Emily in Paris Season 2

This isn’t to say Emily isn’t haunted by guilt about Gabriel, especially because she considers Cami a close friend as well as a business associate. In reality, she’s still working on a marketing campaign for Cami’s family’s Champagne company, and she and Mindy from Ashley Park are planning a girl’s weekend in Saint-Tropez.

“First and foremost, Emily was Cami’s buddy,” Star explained. “She had no intention of making the error she did at the end of Season One… I believe Emily will have to deal with that situation at the start of the season.”

3. Musical Mindy

Emily in Paris Season 2

This season will also be a time for Park’s Mindy to discover herself. Mindy is the heiress to a zipper manufacturing dynasty, but thanks to a catastrophic turn on a singing competition series, she is primarily a joke in her hometown of Shanghai. She’s now living with Emily, having dropped out of business school and been financially cut off by her father, and trying her hand at music by performing at a drag club and as a street busker.

This means that Park, a seasoned Broadway performer, will have something to sing about this season. However, she emphasized that “if I’m singing on this program, I really need to drive the story forward,” which was crucial to her, Star, and others.

“There needs to be a reason for the music because the show is 30 minutes [per episode] and there are so many incredible, colorful characters and storylines to follow,” she said. She even plays an original song composed for the occasion by Freddy Wexler, a collaborator of Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato.

Park, on the other hand, believes that this season will allow Mindy to mature. “We see her starting to digest as an adult the implications of the mistakes that she had taken,” she added, referring to the Saint-Tropez experience in particular. I believe she had been living in Paris on a daily basis.”

4. Sylvie’s Stealth Charm

Emily in Paris Season 2

Emily was regularly irritated by her stern but determined supervisor Sylvie last season (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu). Even if the cigarette-smoking, food-averse boss still has plenty of secrets for Emily to learn this season, the marketing execs have found a simpatico friendship.

“I’ve always known who Sylvie was,” Star explained, “but you don’t want to give everything away right once.” “I believe part of the appeal of her character in Season 1 was how mysterious she was. I feel she is a lady who will never totally lay all of her cards on the table… that is incompatible with who she is and what she thinks… In Season Two, we learn a lot more about her and see some of her, and we get a glimpse into her vulnerabilities.”

5. Jeremy O. Harris Guest Stars As A Diva Fashion Designer

Emily in Paris Season 2

Jeremy O. Harris, a Tony-nominated playwright, and Instagram sensation has already appeared on scripted television this year, portraying himself in an episode of HBO Max’s revival of Gossip Girl. He plays Grégory Elliot Duprée, a larger-than-life fashion designer with an equally larger-than-life personality, in this season of Emily in Paris.

When asked why he took on this part and the Gossip Girl cameo, Harris responded, “One of the things that were incredibly interesting for me was the ability to examine other approaches of writing or delivering the story.” What he enjoys about both endeavors is that “making something snugly and neatly delicious is to be a great confection artist… As someone who is interested in learning how to be a chef in all capacities, I see this as an opportunity for a performer to spread his wings and stretch his muscles in a new direction. But also as a working artist who has the opportunity to observe and learn from a master.”

Harris was the first person who came to mind when it came to playing the role, but Star stressed that the character isn’t based on anyone in particular; “just the fashionable personalities that we’ve all grown to know and be captivated by over the years.”

6. There’s A Memorable Fashion Show

Emily in Paris Season 2
British Vogue

And what would be the point of having a diva fashion designer as a character if the season didn’t end with a spectacular fashion show? This one takes place in Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors, which is also host to a real, historic fashion event.

“Thematically, [the Emily in Paris fashion show] definitely links into everything that happens in that episode,” Star added, acknowledging the resemblance.

He claimed that costume designers Patricia Field and Marylin Fitoussi, as well as their crew, went above and beyond, including negotiating for a bigger wardrobe budget to accommodate carefully crafted clothing choices.

Harris, for example, is dressed in a fluorescent pink Marie Antoinette-style corset.

“I think the Versailles dress is great,” Harris remarked, adding that he also enjoys a costume he wears early in the episode when his character suffers a nervous breakdown in front of a viral video.

“The costume designer was ecstatic by my capacity to say yes and the joy I take in clothes,” the artist, who is known for his bright sense of style, added.

Prada, Casablanca, Carolina Herrera, Mary Katrantzou, Vivienne Westwood, and Zara are among the fashion labels worn by Collins, Harris, and others this season.

7. There Is A Peloton Storyline

Emily in Paris Season 2

Star was known for another show about a curly-haired young woman with outstanding fashion sense before he produced Emily in Paris: Sex and the City. While Michael Patrick King is the showrunner of And Just Like That…, the HBO follow-up to that series, it’s an interesting coincidence that both shows contain stories involving the exercise bike Peloton (actually, Emily calls it “Pelotech,” and the outcomes aren’t as lethal, but…).

Star laughs at the coincidence and sticks to the AJLT line: “Peloton did not murder Mr. Big.”

He points out that Sylvie is the one who becomes interested in the bike in this episode. And she smokes, drinks, and continues to enjoy her opulent Parisian lifestyle.

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