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Loki: Devil In The Window Fan Theory Explained


Loki Updates: A devilish stained glass scene in the trailer of Loki has provided room for theories by fans on Mephisto’s appearance. Mephisto is one of the most fascinating villains.

There’s no doubt that MCU fans would love to see him on screen as soon as possible. The fact that MCU is nearly 13 years old and this evil bad guy has yet to come into play is a bit annoying to the viewers.

WandaVision is Marvel’s first Disney+ show and many believed that this is where Mephisto might appear. This was due to how bizarre and quirky the show was, and also because Mephisto has had a comic past with Scarlet Witch. Sadly, he never appeared.

With Loki’s Disney+ show arriving soon and the trailer which revealed a stained glass window, fans have started wondering if this is where Mephisto appears.

The stained glass window had an image far closer to Hell than Heaven. The fans took to Reddit to decode the potential meaning of the window. One such theory laid out by a Redditor called Twigryph made a lot of sense.

Loki Theory laid out by MCU Fans

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According to the theory, the stained glass window may well point to Asgard’s resident trickster himself. He inspected the details of the window very carefully and gave a few convincing arguments.

First, the horns on the window are similar to the horns of Loki’s signature helmet. Green and gold are a pair of colors related to Loki in the MCU and that’s what the figure appears to be wearing.

All of this is similar to the Asgardian throne that Loki once held. The fan contends that the figure on the window is of Loki. According to them, the fire around the figure is just a forewarning that Loki will destroy everything one day.

Loki is seen as more of an evil enemy than a basic trickster in the Christian interpretations of Norse mythology. The window also resembles the one at the Christian church.

This theory isn’t difficult to imagine that it might be true. Loki sways between hero and villain in his time in the MCU. It is surely an intriguing one. The trailer made it clear that fans will meet many different versions of Loki.

This theory could also be wrong, and Mephisto’s showing up after all. We don’t know yet. Anyway, we can’t wait to find that out.