Shameless Season 11 Series Finale: Is Frank Dead or Alive?

Shameless Season 11 Updates: Shameless, Showtime’s long-running series, wrapped up the season finale on April 11, 2021, with the death of Frank Gallagher. The penultimate episode hinted that Frank will die which has left the fans exploring.

The episode ended with Frank taking a good amount of heroin and the viewers thought him to be dead. The preview of the final episode showed the fans that Frank was lying in a hospital bed and Lip, Liam’s brother, talking to someone about Frank. John Wells, the producer, and showrunner has certainly planned for Frank’s ending.

In Shameless Season 11, it was visible to the viewers that Frank was forgetting everything. Frank was stable at first but it was getting worse when he had to be diagnosed with alcoholic dementia. But in the process, he was forgetting that he is having dementia.

In Shameless Season 11 Episode 11, Frank’s son Liam was given the task to look after his father. He wrote information about his dementia disease and whom to call or what to do if he gets lost or falls into trouble. Lip tells Liam that how he goes out looking for Frank when he ran off. Like Liam, Lip also failed in finding drunken Frank.

Shameless Season 11: About Frank

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Liam tries to make “Frank things” to make him happy. At one point in time, a woman yelled at him for wearing his mask but Frank doing Frank-things, he picked up a mask and wore it. This could be the moment when the fans started thinking that Frank was losing his sense and going towards the end.

Frank enters a church and stumbles there and asked to light the candles. The priest called the ambulance and he was taken to the hospital. He was tested positive for Covid and dies in the ER. There was no such explanation for his death but one could suspect that he has died for Covid complications and excessive drug and alcohol consumptions.

Although the reason for death is still unknown to the viewers, they thought that Frank is still alive. His body was in the ER and viewers could see Frank sitting at a bar drinking beer. But the showrunner has confirmed his death.

They have planned to change the story a bit by including Covid-19 into it. With all the comorbidities that Frank had, it would be unrealistic to not include the fact that no one has suffered the disease during the pandemic time. So Frank was the perfect choice for the showrunners to succumb to death.

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