Shameless Season 11 Ending Explained: What Happens To The Gallaghers

Shameless Season 11 Updates: The Shameless Season 11 finale wishes goodbye to Frank Gallagher and his many children and grandchildren, bringing an end to a decade of South Side anarchy.

The Showtime series, developed by John Wells, premiered in 2011 and has followed the Gallagher children as they grow up (more or less) into rational adults with careers, families, and lengthy criminal histories of their own.

Except for Frank, the Gallaghers’ fates are left open-ended in the Shameless finale episode, which suggests that Lip would have a second child, Ian and Mickey would foster a daughter, Debbie would leave Chicago, and Carl would buy The Alibi from Kevin and Veronica.

The chapter ends with the family locating Frank on the sofa, near death following a suicide attempt by drug overdoses, but no one appears to worry if he survives or dies, aside from Liam.

About the fact that many Shameless viewers expected Fiona, who departed at the end of season 9, to return for the series finale, she merely features in flashbacks as Frank reflects on his past. Amid her exclusion, Shameless’s finale conveniently wraps up the series with a nod to the first film.

Shameless Season 11: Frank Gallagher Passes Away Due To Covid-19

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Few could have predicted that Frank Gallagher would succumb to a pandemic at the start of the season, including the many ways he could have died (including drugs, drink, and enraging the wrong kind of individuals).

Frank was afflicted with alcoholic dementia in season 11 of Shameless, and his mental capacities soon deteriorated, contributing to inattentiveness and uncertainty. In the final episode of the season, Frank, accustomed to death and trying to go out on his own terms, killed himself with a huge overdose of heroin, leaving a message for his family that was overlooked by all but Franny, who colored all over it her crayons.

The Gallagher patriarch went so far as to have “DO NOT RESUSCITATE” tattooed on his chest in large letters, causing doubt among hospital personnel about if the orders were legally enforceable.

Frank was clearly operating on life support after surviving the poisoning, and his COVID-19 infection only tipped the balance. In certain ways, succumbing to the coronavirus is fitting for a guy who saw himself as much a part of Chicago as the city’s streets and houses.

The pandemic will go down in Chicago’s history as a watershed event, and Frank Gallagher is now a part of it – although in a very bleak manner.

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