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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Does Mr Dolphin has a place for himself?

Mr. Dolphin's Debut in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a video game designed and developed by Square Enix. Final Fantasy is always known for its captivating storylines. It’s always been full of fun and entertainment. It’s the remake of the 1997 PlayStation game Final Fantasy VII.

The remake has allowed Square Enix to revisit and develop some of the questionable moments in the story of the game. The original game was quite popular when it was released and now after so many years with its remake, it plans to regain the popularity that it once had. It’s intended to give the players the same feel that it had in 1997. The only major difference they plan to make is the graphics quality. With technology making fast progress every day, the Graphics quality is bound to be at its best.

Mr. Dolphin’s Debut in Final Fantasy VII Remake

When the protagonist Cloud and his party arrive at Junon, only Shinra employees are allowed to go to the upper portion of the town. The Shinra Electric Power Company has built a new city recently and has almost destroyed the city that was once a flourishing ground for fishing. The oppressed inhabitants with polluted water and lack of sunlight have hatred for the company.

Mr. Dolphin's Debut in Final Fantasy VII Remake -m1

Mr. Dolphin, the trained dolphin of a teenage girl named Priscilla from Junon saved her from a monster in the river. The main protagonist Cloud then rescued her by performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. As a reward, Cloud receives a whistle that can direct Mr. Dolphin and help him reach the upper portion of the town. In a small mini-game in the 1997 version, the player must align with a girder high above, whistle, then if the dolphin can lift Cloud successfully to the correct spot while avoiding the high voltage current. But in the remake, the scene has been made realistic with best-in-class graphics.

The Remake Treatment of Final Fantasy VII Remake

The game demonstrates the skill Square Enix has in imagining and in remaking things with a new vision but the same taste. The remake of the game has been a success as the developers have put in more effort to keep the same old essence of the game while ensuring that the overall game experience is top class for its players. Mr. Dolphin needs nit to be cut out from Remake. The developers should focus more on developing the storyline of the young girl and her dolphin rather than focussing more on Mr. Dolphin’s acrobatic skills. The Shinra organization is the personification of man’s disrespect for the natural world, as it greedily exploits the natural resources for its own needs.

Square Enix could have used other methods to make Cloud reach the upper portion of the town instead of using Mr. Dolphin. The character could have just existed but shouldn’t have been used in that particular scene. Instead, they could have thought of something else like an elevator. We still don’t know if he’ll be seen around. But, players will have to wait to see if he will be seen again in part two.

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