The Legend of Korra: 5 Endings fans rejected and 5 they appreciated

Legend of Korra 5 Endings fans rejected and 5 they appreciated

The Legend of Korra, the sequel of The Last Airbender- Avatar; The Legend of Korra received mixed reactions on its ending despite its overall reception is good. Avatar, the Legend of Aang is an American television series by Nickelodeon Animation Studios with its storyline around Aang, a 12-year-old boy, and Zuko. In the Legend of Korra, the story moves slightly ahead from the first part, and let’s check out the endings –

  1. Disbanding of hierarchy by Prince Wu – Rejected.
    This was ejected because everything about Prince Wu’s development in the show to the decision about disbanding hierarchy took place without the involvement of Korra which is not what the show is about
  2. Kuvira’s fate – Accepted.
    Kuvira had gained the reputation of being the most heinous yet admirable villain who in the end was imprisoned and met with justice rightly for her actions.
  3. Varrick and Zhu Li’s wedding – Rejected.
    Varrick and Zhu Li worked alongside and then separately but hereby ended up together for the cause of good. Fans understood them coming back together but their wedding was a little up the top.
  4. Jinora’s Masterhood – Accepted.
    Jinora was awarded tattoos and the master title in season 3, which was welcomed by the fans in the seeming character development of Jinora as a coming of age leader.
  5. Leaving the spirit world open – Rejected.
    The portals of the spirit world and physical world were not meant to be shared as it would create havoc but Korea’s desire for the two worlds to figure out how to get along was what led to leaving the spirit world open.
  6. Losing past Avatar lives – Accepted. This did not surprise the fans as the momentary loss had happened to Aang as well. On the plus side, this led Korra to discover herself truly.  Legend of Korra 5 Endings fans rejected and 5 they appreciated -1
  7. End of season 1 – Rejected.
    The end of season 1 with the battle against Amon, an incredible villain would be appreciated more if it would have been the end of the show but this felt like a sacrifice of a great villain too early on in the show.
  8. Mako’s last stand – Accepted.
    Mako’s last sacrifice for the protection of those he cares about went perfectly with his benevolent character and was accepted gladly.
  9. Original Team Avatar – Rejected.
    Character like Toph and Zaku were overlooked; Aang preferred Tanzin over his other children and characters like Sokka and Suki were never give the spotlight which was overall disappointing.
  10.  Korra and Asami  – Accepted.
    Korra and Asami’s relationship gave a positive LGBTQ angle to the show and their relationship of understanding and love was very well received.

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