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Has Spider-Man and Nightwing got the Costume Upgrade?

Spider-Man and Nightwing Costume Upgrade

Spider-Man and Nightwing Costume Upgrade: Dick Grayson realized he lost some portion of his life and his memory was lost and ended up drifting his goal of saving and protecting people. Right now, Nightwing is in a period of transition. Moreover, the latest issue is about Dick when he falls, having a safety net which included his parents before they died. It includes his parents before they died. It includes two men as his father figures-Batman and Alfred. It also includes men as his brother figures-Tim Drake, Jason Todd, and Damian Wayne.

Now, he has Oracle looking out for him. Dick is a billionaire, on account of the inheritance received from Alfred who was as wealthy as Bruce Wayne. He helped to starve people on the streets as he wants to create a safety net for the city and realized a child picked his pocket. As he was all set to find out the young thieves as Nightwing, Oracle gave him a new mask, which was more high-tech than just a pair of goggles that she created to utilize it as a part of his uniform These had hidden cameras when Oracle can see everything that Nightwing sees when he sees it.

Spider-Man and Nightwing Costume Upgrade

Spider-Man and Nightwing

Nightwing had Oracle in his war when he was out in the city. As she could see what he saw, so when he saw the kids who picked of the mobster Boss Maroni. Marino’s men went after the children, so Nightwing jumped into action. Oracle talked in his war the whole time as she observed every move in the fight. Oracle cut out to call the police but the police wouldn’t do anything since the mobster rules the street. The same tools Spider-Man got recently. It is also fascinating to watch Dick Grayson.

It is a little different for spiderman as Peter Parker is working for Threats and Menaces Just like Nightwing had Oracle talking in his ear the entire time, the same way Spider-Man has J. Jonah Jameson talking to him, just like that Jameson is also talking to Spider-Man, giving him directions for live stream. Maybe the high-tech is similar, but the purposes are different. Nightwing used his new tech as an absolutely offensive weapon to fight crime and protect Bludhaven, his version making more realistic than Spider-Man at this moment.


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