GTA 6 Needs To Refocus On the Actual Grand Theft Auto

GTA 6 Needs To Refocus On the Actual Grand Theft Auto

GTA 6 Updates: GTA should do justice to the name of the series and make car filching be more than just a mere aspect, making it mostly a useless troubleshooter, and make cars more important than any other factor. 

Gamers have been waiting for a long time for the official release of the well-known game Grand Theft Auto 6, but rumors are spreading about in the air for the highly awaited game. This gossips going around constantly indicates that GTA 6 would take place in Vice City, but there has been an adverse hunch that it’s hard to anticipate what is actually conceivable. Besides, the main setting and nature of the game, GTA 6 should focus on its origin and it’s time to bring out the actual feature of crime in Grand Theft Auto.

The series has always been dealing with the criminal underworld from the very beginning of Grand Theft Auto in 1997, where the players advanced by ranking among the various criminal gangs. GTA, over the years, has been inflamed through the narratives much tangled that have initiated to execute the kingdom over petty crime. The beginning of the game starts with the mission as Franklin in GTA has him overpowering cars in a deceitful operation for a dealership holder, but the progression in the game makes the character go into full-blown heists. 

The Cars Should Be Heroically Presented In GTA 6

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The main and foremost role of a car in the GTA series is that it involves carjacking and then driving it to complete missions and escape police until the car is destroyed or lost in the process. Sports cars are mainly stolen off the road with less impact once the police are dodged, so the players have no motive to hold onto a single car and they tend to keep on changing their cars.

Until now, there were no other ways to break into a car other than smashing windows. But in GTA 6 could allow players to open the lock with hidden spare keys, or slide a tool in the window to open the car. Players would not like to ride a car with broken windows forever if they find a deluxe car on the driveway. The car can be improved and upgraded by buying items to make the look and feel of the car luxurious and invest the money effectively. Thus the GTA 6 universe should give the cars more heroic features evolving the series by focusing on minor details. 

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