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5 Tips to create a phenomenal in Dungeons and Dragons

5 Tips to create a phenomenal in Dungeons and Dragons -1

The game, Dungeons, and Dragons commonly abbreviated as D&D or DnD is a fantasy Role-Playing-Game developed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. This game can also be considered as the mark of the beginning of the Role-Playing-Game in the world. An incredible character is what makes the game more awesome and enjoyable, but what does it take to make an outstanding character?

There are a variety of elements and views to be considered while forging a character for the in-game experience to be memorable. A lot of players shape their players according to the needs of the party. This thus provides safety and ensures the well-being of the other players of the party but most of the time it ends up making the player’s experience worse. Here, we’ll take a look around the 5 most interesting elements to look to before forging a character;

Background of the character in Dungeons and Dragons

5 Tips to create a phenomenal in Dungeons and Dragons

The background of the character also plays a vital role in ensuring the fact that the player being forged is an incredible character. The player’s handbook is what helps us through the situation. We get to know about the character more and also about their past life and their skills and weapons which help us in deciding whether to choose a certain character or not. The basic details about the players and their weapons give the ground to stand on for players to take their characters to the next level with various Upgradations and customizations.


The alignment and decision-making system in Dungeons & Dragons has long been a point of criticism for long, as it often throws characters and NPCs into predetermined moralities that can make them feel rigid. The experience of the player will also depend on the side their character chooses. Hence the alignment and ideal play an important role in character building too.

Personality trait

Personality will not only affect the way the character looks but will also affect the way he/she interacts and gets along in the game. The looks of the character starting from their hairstyle to the shape of the nose, everything also plays a role in determining the personality of the player. Even their attire will also have a role in character development.


The bonds we create within our lives are the ones that keep us going and help us to thrive through difficult times. Our family, friends, relatives, and everyone we meet for at least once in our lives share a bond with us. These bonds and their strength determine which side we choose. These bonds act as the driving force for the character to move forward in his/her life and to keep working hard towards their goals. They also keep fighting hard to reestablish their bonds.


Everyone has flaws. No one is perfect whether be it in physical, mental, or some other forms. They determine the real identity of the characters. Flaws provide a way to know the weak points of the characters and to work on them to improve. Some characters have flaws right from the beginning while others acquired them due to some past incidents or due to some disturbing actions they performed or saw long ago.

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